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Instagram: the 3 options that users have to select what to see at the beginning

Instagram introduced a few days ago a new tool so that the user can have more control over what they see in their feed. Thanks to this, it is possible Choose between three different display options.


1) Start is the current format of the feed. In this case, you see a combination of content from people and accounts the user follows, ranked by algorithms, as well as other recommended content that the system thinks you might like.

According to the company, People see more than 90% of their contacts’ posts in an algorithmically ranked feed. That number was less than half with a chronological organization.


In any case, those who wish to opt for another form of organization may do so. The options are then added to Start Favorites and Following.

2) Favorites displays posts from accounts the user selects, in chronological order. In other words, you can choose your favorite accounts from which you don’t want to lose any content. Up to 50 profiles can be added to the list and changes can be made at any time.


Posts from accounts in the favorites list will also show up higher in the home feed, with a star icon.

3) For your part, Following It shows only the posts of the people the user follows and they are also arranged chronologically.

How to choose how content will appear in the feed


To choose one of these three display options, follow these steps:

1. Open Instagram and login, if it hasn’t been done.

2. In the upper left corner click on the logo from instagram

3. A menu will be displayed with the feed options. Choose the desired one.

As this is a global launch announced just a few days ago, it is possible that not all users have this option yet. As a first step, you have to update the app and if the tool hasn’t arrived yet, hope that it will surely be available in the next update.

How Instagram algorithms work

Instagram uses a series of algorithms, classifiers, and processes to personalize the user experience. So when you choose to use the default display option, especially, these systems intervene to give greater relevance in the feed to those contents that the user may find relevant.

What criteria do the algorithms take into account to classify the relevance of the content? As the company explains on its official blog, the most important are these aspects:

Information about the publication. These are signals about the popularity of a publication (for example, how many people liked it) and about more common information about the content itself, such as the date of posting, the duration (if it is a video) and the location, if there is, which was specified.

Data about the person who made the publication. The signals that are taken into account, for example, the times that users interacted with that person in the last weeks.

User activity. Here, “likes” are taken into account, for example.

History of interaction with someone. This data is used to evaluate the interest that can be aroused by seeing the publications of a particular account. Here the level and type of interaction with the content is taken into account: if comments are left, how long the posts of that profile remain, etc.

Based on this information, a dozen estimates are made. about the probability that the user will interact with a publication in different ways.

To organize the feed in the home mode, or default, the system takes into account five types of interactions in particular: the likelihood of the post being spent more time, liked, commented on, saved, and profile picture clicked.

In other words, in order for the system to automatically filter the content that may be more interesting to the user, he simply has to show his interest in one of the aforementioned ways. In this way, it will be seen in the feed, as long as it is configured in “start” mode, what the algorithms select for the user.


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