Instagram tests creator subscriptions for Influencers

Instagram creator subscriptions paywall

Instagram influencers will soon have a new source of income. In addition to paid partnerships galore, Meta’s social network will give them the opportunity to offer paid subscriptions to their fans.

A way for Instagram to try to attract and retain content creators as the platform loses ground to YouTube and TikTok.

Soon paid subscriptions on Instagram

On many platforms, users can reward their content creators. Whether it’s TikTok and Twitch with a donation system, Twitter with its tips or even Spotify with its paid podcasts, they all allow professionals to diversify their sources of income. An approach that also aims to try to keep certain talents at home, which Instagram desperately needs in the face of tougher competition from TikTok.


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As a result, Meta’s social network will soon deploy a feature allowing influencers to charge subscriptions to access some of their content. To start, Instagram will test this new feature with a select handful of American content creators, who will be able to set the price of their monthly subscription at will.

Paying subscribers of these selected few will above all be able to access “stories” and exclusive lives and will be rewarded with a small purple icon next to their name so that the creators can identify them more easily in the mass of comments and private messages. . Subsequently, other features could be considered, as Meta is already working on a way to export the list of paid subscribers to other social networks. The test phase will expand to other influencers outside of the United States thereafter.

Zuckerberg announced this summer that by the end of 2022, he aims to invest $1 billion in innovators. Because so many influencers are finding a significant following on other platforms, the firm is attempting to draw them to Facebook and Instagram (many of which are investing heavily in creators). Payment is promised.

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Source: Engadget