Instagram tests changes for the display of stories

Instagram tests changes for the display of stories
Stories last 24 hours (photo: Instagram)
Stories last 24 hours (photo: Instagram)

Instagram is testing a new design for its stories section, where now only the first three stories that a user has uploaded will be shown. And to access the rest of them (if you have published more than 3) you will have to choose to activate the “show more” option.

The instagram stories they are publications that disappear after 24 hours and have become one of the favorite tools of content creators and influencers. Although it can be very useful when it comes to transmitting content, sometimes it is seen that some users publish up to dozens of content in this way, which can be tedious for the audience.

It is true that today it is possible to skip those posts, simply by sliding your finger to the right or left to move on to the next user. Nevertheless, this tool would offer a new alternative to be able to choose how and to what extent to interact with this type of content.

Instagram works on a function to limit the display of stories from the same user (Phil Ricelle)
Instagram works on a function to limit the display of stories from the same user (Phil Ricelle)

The new format in which the social network is working reduces massive publications to the first three stories of the reel. A) Yes, users will be able to view three stories in the first instance and, to continue accessing the next ones if there are any, they must manually activate the “Show more” button. If you don’t do that and just swipe, as usual, Instagram moves on to the next user after the first three posts.

This information could be known from a screenshot shared by the Twitter user Phil Ricelle, and which was released by tech blog, where he previously worked as a Ricelle technology journalist. In the spread image sYou can see a button in the upper left, next to the number of stories uploaded by the user, their profile picture and their name.

In this way, if you want to see all the stories uploaded by a specific user, you must press this button and, otherwise, the platform will automatically show the stories of the next account.

For its part, 9to5Mac indicated that this modality seems to have reached a small group of users and that Instagram is likely to continue testing this tool before rolling it out globally.

How to create an avatar

Instagram launched in January a new function in the application, and is the ability to create a Avatarwhether in Stories or in a profile picture. It should be remembered that creating an Instagram profile photo is something that platform users constantly ask for.

Then for create an avatar on Instagram, You have to follow the following steps in the app:

1. Open Instagram.

2. Select the section of the profile.

3. tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right.

4. Press on Setting.

5. Select Bill.

6. Finally tap on avatars.

Instagram allows you to create custom avatars
Instagram allows you to create custom avatars

The creator of Instagram Avatars is almost like the creator of Facebook Avatars. In fact, when creating a profile picture on Instagram, you can also choose the shape of your face, eyes, eyebrows or mouth for your profile picture. Also, when creating an Instagram profile picture, you can also choose your skin tone, hair style, body shape, and some accessories like clothes, hats, or piercings.

If you click on the icon of the mirroran image from the selfie camera will open and there you will be able to compare yourself with the profile photo that has been designed.

When you’re done, click on To finalize.

Another option to create the first avatar is open the chamber of stories, choose the sticker icon and in the search engine write “Avatars” or “Avatars”.

Once the Avatar has been created, it can be saved and started to be used in stories. Also, you can change your Instagram profile picture whenever you want.