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Instagram recognizes content creators with new ‘Improved Tags’

Instagram announced in a new update, which has never been more important recognize the work and dedication of content creators that create communities and culture in the social networkso now your work can be identified by users with the ‘Enhanced Labels’.


“As creators collaborate, inspire each other and drive culture on Instagram, proper accreditation has never been more important. This is especially crucial for marginalized and underrepresented creators and contributors whose contributions often lie behind the scenes. Today we launch improved tags on Instagram to make it easier for creators to receive credit for their work.” Instagram points out in the platform’s official statement.

Instagram is one of the platforms that has grown the most with digital transformation. Thanks to the modification and adaptation of its modalities to the new connected generations, it has over 1.08 billion monthly active users worldwide.


In fact, the marketing of influencers on Instagram had grown more than 48% in 2019 alone, and it is estimated that will double by the end of 2022, summarizing the post-COVID-19 era and the impact of digitization on social networks of Goal.

Improved tags for content creators

platform mark zuckerberg announced on Monday the launch of its ‘Enhanced Labels’, which will increase the representation of creators and collaborators who create quality content and still have a small number on the network, as well as those from marginalized communities whose contributions are often obscured.


The objective is give credit to the work of these people and get it published in a big way in front of the millions of users who browse.

“Proper recognition and credit for content has become the starting point for discovering new interests, opportunities, and economic empowerment, so for many underrepresented creators, that credit is the first step in building sustainable careers as creators. while combating cultural appropriation and ensuring the world knows who drives culture.”

And they are the same users who, over the years, come together as a community to support creators and influencers with simple but powerful alternatives, who have increased their number of followers by promoting themselves in the footer of photos, videos or reels, as well as in the photos mention their respective works in small mentions.


So today, Instagram has included a new feature called ‘Improved Tags; which allows the category that each creator sets in their work account appears in people’s tags.

“People can share and view a creator’s specific contribution to a photo or video post. And, as reels continue to represent the largest contribution to the growth of interactions on Instagram, we are happy to announce that the improved tags will also be available in that format, “concludes the platform.

In short, all types of creators who create content about makeup, music composition, or some other kind of meaningful collaboration they will have a greater range in their launches since these contributions will be more visible in the publication or on the reel where they are mentioned.

This is how the enhanced tags can be used

1. Open the Instagram app and touch the icon ‘+’ in the upper right corner.

2. Create a new post and touch ‘Following’.

3. Make the desired content edits and touch ‘Following’.

4. After typing a caption, touch ‘Tag people’.

5. Select ‘Add tag’.

6. Search and select the collaborators.

7. touch ‘Show profile category’ to show the category of the creator.

8. Press ‘Ready’.

9. Once additional tags and details have been added, click ‘Share’.

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