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Instagram: music came to direct messages

Instagram added a novelty: from now on you can add music to direct messages. This tool was released globally so everyone will be able to use it. Keep in mind that to receive this option it is necessary to update the application.


If the latest version of the service was downloaded and this tool still cannot be viewed, it will be necessary to wait a few more days since, as it is a worldwide launch, there may be some delays until it reaches everyone.

“Now, people will be able to send their favorite songs to whoever they want through an Instagram direct message (DM), either by calling their friends to see the hit of the moment or even sending that “indirect message” to their crush /a, among several other possibilities.


Those who receive a song by MD will be able to play a 30-second preview within their own inbox, through Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify (coming soon), avoiding having to leave Instagram and navigate between music streaming applications, ”said the company in the released statement.

As you can see, this option implies an integration with other platforms. It is a new alternative to promote a richer connection in the virtual environment as well as to help spread music by different artists.


How does it work

1. The URL of a song must be copied from Apple Music, Amazon Music and Spotify (this last service will be added soon)

2. Open any Instagram chat, Paste the link and tap “Submit”


3. The link will create a player with the album/song art, plus song name and artist information

4. Anyone in the conversation can tap the “play” icon directly in the direct message to hear a 30-second snippet of the song

The objective is not only to enrich the conversation between users, but also to collaborate with musical artists who use this application to connect with their audience.

Other novelties that were launched recently on Instagram

1. The ability to reply while browsing the feed

Users can reply to a new direct message while browsing the feed, without having to open the inbox.

2. Fast shipping

By holding down the “share” option on posts, users can forward the content to their four closest friends.

3. See who is online

At the top of the Inbox, you can see who is available to chat, making it easy to connect with users online.

4. Send messages without the recipient notification being activated

It is about the possibility of sending private messages without the recipient receiving notifications about it. With this tool, content can be sent without generating a notice on the recipient’s cell phone. To make use of this trick, just add @silencio in the text.

5, Choose the background of the chat

This option allows you to add different themes to the conversations to personalize them. To make use of this tool, you simply have to click on the upper left corner of the chat, open the options menu and select Theme. Doing this will access various templates.

6. Do polls in conversations

Polls can be added to group chats. For that, just add the sticker created for that purpose. You click on the footer of the conversation and within the alternatives you have to select the survey sticker that can be customized with a question and the desired alternatives. The results will be seen as users vote. This possibility has been available for a long time in Instagram stories.


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