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Instagram: How to Create Quick Replies on a Professional Account

Quick responses on Instagram. (photo: New Mobile)

Instagram constantly adds improvements to increase the options of use. Some time ago, the social network property of Goal added the ability to convert an account into business (or professional) mode for profit. More than anything, because thanks to Instagram it is very useful for companies or businesses, which have additional functions that make a difference.

In addition, the social network has done a lot for these accounts to add value, as well as simplify things as much as possible so that the owner of a professional Instagram profile can optimize time to the maximum.

That is why TechMarkup brings a very useful advice. It is about the ability to create custom responses so you can respond to customers much faster. Without a doubt, one of the best functions if you want to save time when responding to direct messages that a person or company receives through Instagram.

Step by step of how to create personalized answers in an Instagram business account

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, these quick replies act as shortcuts for the user to respond to other people’s messages faster and easier. Also, I know you can set your own keyboard shortcuts when replying to messages.

For example, instead of having to enter a phrase you use often, you can set up a shortcut so that when you press it, the phrase automatically appears on the screen. With this, the professional account owner will be able to answer the most common questions in less time.

The process is very simple, so it will take a few minutes to create your own personalized response on Instagram. These are the steps to follow:

1 First, open Instagram.

2. Now click on the Messages icon located in the upper right.

3. Login to any chat.

4. Unlike a normal account, when you open a conversation with an Instagram business account, you will see an icon “+”. Click on this icon.

5. Select the icon Fast answer (looks like a bubble with three dots).

Quick response on Instagram. (photo: The Computer Group)
Quick response on Instagram. (photo: The Computer Group)

6. Now press “+” to add a quick reply.

7. The owner of a professional account you can now create a quick reply.

8. Finally, click on Save.

As you can see, the process is very easy and It will be of great help to respond to clients on Instagram faster.

Obviously, you don’t have any kind of limitation when it comes to creating quick answers, you just have to repeat the whole process to add the answers that you think are relevant.

Quick response on Instagram. (photo:
Quick response on Instagram. (photo:

Instagram tests a function that would allow you to repost posts from other users

As reported by the TechCrunch website, this feature will also include reposting reels of other users, in addition to the inclusion of the credits corresponding to the creator or creator.

Although the start of the Test phase of this feature has not been made official, a representative of Goal indicated that this will be accessible only to selected users.

Instagram tests the Repost feature on selected profiles. (Matt Navarra)
Instagram tests the Repost feature on selected profiles. (Matt Navarra)

“We are exploring the possibility of re-sharing posts in feeds, so that people can post what represents them and original creators have credit for their work, ”said the spokesperson for the technology company to the page.

The finding of this feature was reported by social media consultant Matt Navarrewho noticed that Instagram had added a new section in the profile of the Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri with an icon similar to the one used in Twitter posts.

Upon entering this tab, Instagram displays a notification that indicates the following:

“Recommend a post that your friends can enjoy by reposting it to your profile or stories.” In addition, it is indicated that the followers of the profile can interact with the shared post. “Start conversations with your followers, who can reply to your repost with a message”

Instagram tests the Repost feature on selected profiles. (Matt Navarra)
Instagram tests the Repost feature on selected profiles. (Matt Navarra)

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