Instagram gives control to all users to choose what to see on the Start

Instagram gives control to all users to choose what to see on the Start

From this day on InstagramMeta’s photo and reel social network, users will be able to better control the content what they want to see in their feeds thanks to the addition of two different views on the home screen that give a total of three options: Home, Favorites, and Following.

The options were added so that users have a more personalized experience of what they want to see when they enter the platform. But what is each of these options for?


This is the form currently known as Instagram feed. This option will continue to provide a mix of content from people and accounts followed, ranked by algorithms, other recommended content that the user might like, and more. Home page” It will be the default view, so every time the Feed is accessed, it can continue to be viewed that way.


It will show the publications of the selected accounts in chronological order. That is, you can choose the favorite accounts from which you do not want to lose any content.

Up to 50 accounts can be added to the list and changes can be made at any time; people are not notified when they are added or removed. The publications of accounts in the favorites list will also show up higher in the Home Feed, and are displayed with a star icon.

“Get up to speed quickly with the accounts you care about most, starting with the most recent posts.”


It will show posts only from people who follow each other. “See the latest posts from the accounts you follow, in the order they were posted.” Both Favorites and Following will display posts in chronological order, so you can quickly catch up on recent posts.

How to use them

In the case of Home, nothing needs to be changed, since, as mentioned above, it will always be displayed that way. On the other hand, to use Favorites and Following, you must touch where it says Instagram in the upper left corner of the home page to choose what you want to see.

“Everyone uses Instagram differently and we hope these options can help people decide what works best for them,” the Meta platform noted.

According to an analysis conducted by Instagram, users are happier when there is an algorithmically classified Feed, so they are no longer making a standard of a chronological Feed, which will also help not to miss certain posts.

The research also revealed that on average, people see more than 90% of their friends’ posts in an algorithmically ranked Feed. That number was less than half with a chronological version. “And because people are more engaged with a Ranked Feed, 50% more followers see a post than with a Chronological Feed.”

Meta launches parental monitoring tools on Instagram

The platform will allow parents control the time that your children spend in this and will launch parental supervision functions in Quest virtual reality goggles.

In accordance with Reuters New parental controls are part of Meta’s promise to protect children using its social media apps, after a whistleblower leaked internal documents showing that the company was aware that Instagram was causing body image issues for some teenage girls.