Instagram end-to-end encrypted chats is in progress with Collab stickers and much more

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Facebook’s child company has been rolling out some new features in recent months, including clubhouse-like audio rooms, Instagram end-to-end encrypted chats, Collab tags, and  2MB Instagram Lite. In previous leaks, we’ve already mentioned these underdeveloped features, and these features give us a good idea of ​​what they look like when released. Now application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has shared another tweet revealing more details about end-to-end encryption in chats, Collab tags, and redesigned video/audio call status notifications.

Instagram end-to-end encrypted chats of direct messages are in progress in recent months, and this feature was first discovered in February this year. Since then, the image-sharing platform has made several changes to this feature. This feature has received another change in its latest version, which has replaced the “Start end-to-end encrypted chat” button with a toggle button.

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Collab stickers in Instagram

On the other hand, the new feature of the Collab stickers was first discovered in October last year. It appears that the feature can finally be used during prime time. According to Paluzzi’s latest tweet, Instagram will show a new splash screen when launched and update the Collab tag in the future. This screen will provide a brief overview of the tag, highlighting the tag that will allow users to find the topic. Also helps to add some contributors, and share the story with the people who follow the topic. After launch, the Collab tag will allow users to collaborate with up to 20 other users and create events for their followers.

Finally, Paluzzi also discovered the redesigned audio and video call status notifications besides Instagram end-to-end encrypted chats. As you can see from the attached tweet. The new status notification is displayed as a chat bubble containing the name of the caller and the display image. The notification also has a “callback” button.

We currently have no further information on these features, but we expect Instagram to share more details in the coming weeks. We will update this information as soon as we know more.

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