Instagram could turn all posted videos into Reels

Instagram could turn all posted videos into Reels
Instagram Reels.  (photo: Halftime)
Instagram Reels. (photo: Halftime)

Goal working on a new option Instagram that converts all the videos that are published in ‘reels‘, a tool that some users are already having access to.

As confirmed by the company to TechCrunch, the social network seeks to promote the ‘Reel’ format, which consists of short 15-second videos in which you can make audio edits or apply effects and filters.

Instagram is working on replacing video posts with Reels

At the end of last year, Adam Mosseri mentioned that one of Instagram’s goals for 2022 would be double down on efforts to incentivize video content in the platform. And during this first part of the year, it has been possible to see several functions dedicated to promoting the creation and publication of Reels.

For example, Reel duration has been extended to 90 seconds. But creative tools were also added for those users looking for ideas of Reels for Instagram, for example, templates.

But there are still more changes to come in the future. As TC mentions, Instagram is testing changing video posts to Reels. No need to worry, not yet implemented in apps, since it is only part of a test with a select group of users.

As an Instagram spokesperson said, with this dynamic they seek to simplify the video format in the app “we are testing this function as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram”

Reels updates on Facebook and Instagram.  (photo: Goal)
Reels updates on Facebook and Instagram. (photo: Goal)

With this change there are several details to take into account. If a video is public then it will become a public Reel, allowing other users to, for example, use the audio or create a remix from the content. However, some of these options could be limited from the app settings.

On the other hand, if the video is private, then you will have a Reel that will only be shared with the followers. Of course, there will also be many technical challenges with this change, depending on how the user recorded the video.

At the moment, it is only a test, so we will have to wait to see how Instagram solves this situation, and if this will be the strategy to take Reels to the next level.

Reels.  (photo: ID Digital School)
Reels. (photo: ID Digital School)

Two options to download Reels totally free

– Download Instagram Reels in video format with SSSGram

If you want to get a complete video of a Reel, this process is indicated:

1. Go to Instagram and search for the Reel you want to download, or you can also browse the social network feed until you find the perfect post.

2. Touch the three points to open the video options. Now you have to copy the video link.

Download Reels.  (photo: Instagram)
Download Reels. (photo: Instagram)

3. Open a browser and go to SSSGram. Paste the link in the central bar of the platform and press the button Discharge.

Download Instagram Reels.  (photo: SSSGram)
Download Instagram Reels. (photo: SSSGram)

4. The Reel will be seen on the web and next to it are the available options. Select MP4 to download the Reel in video format.

5. Completing the previous step, a window will open where you can choose where to save the file. Once this action is complete, the download will begin.

Download Instagram Reels.  (photo: SSSGram)
Download Instagram Reels. (photo: SSSGram)

– Download only the sound of the Reels

Reel can come with an interesting sound; be it a song or just a sound with which you can record a funny video, or a dance. Then, if you only want to get MP3, below the step by step:

1. Search for Instagram posts, it can be through the page or the application.

two. Copy video URL via the post menu. It will show you some options from which you have to select Copy link.

3. Login to SSSGram from browser trustworthy

4. Paste the link in the available platform content Download from Instagram, and then press the button.

5. Finally, you will see a thumbnail of the Reel and in the download options it is important select MP3 to get only the audio.

SSSGram.  (photo: Androidphoria)
SSSGram. (photo: Androidphoria)