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Instagram brings the Your Note feature inspired by Windows Messenger

Instagram brings the Your Note feature inspired by Windows Messenger
The Meta app is working on including an option that allows users to report whether they are busy or available to receive messages, among other text possibilities.

Instagram is developing various features to improve the app such as nudity protection, removal of the Store and change in some interface aspects. Additionally, it was known that the platform of Goal is thinking of integrating an option that reminds the states of msn-messenger of the beginning of the century.

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Notes, as this feature that is in progress is called, has the peculiarity of be a purely text format in which users can share information and this will be published for 24 hours, according to reports XDA Developers.

Although it will have several limitations compared to what Stories are, this function will also will allow other users to replyny will have a different section than the current format, because it will be displayed as a bubble.

“We are always working on ways to help you improve your connections on Instagram. We’re now testing Notes, so people can quickly share thoughts with their friends, and just with a small group to start,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch.

What are Instagram Notes like?

The function will be in the Messages section, there you will see a button ‘Your Note‘ that when clicking on it, a screen will be displayed to select the profiles that will be able to see the status, then a space will open to write the message and finally publish it for 24 hours.

In these notes, the idea is that users can share or inform other people of messages such as ‘I’m busy’, ‘I’m available’, ‘I’ll be back’ or more personal topics, such as song lyrics, a tool that I saw a few years ago on Messenger in almost all profiles.

Users will be able to share text-only statuses in Instagram Notes
Users will be able to share text-only statuses in Instagram Notes

The number of characters that can be used is 60, so it will be a short and concrete message so that it does not become a long text.

The only way in which other users will be able to see these Notes is by entering the message tray, so it would not make any notification or change the appearance of the main feed

This option is still under development and for now few people have access to it.

Instagram plans to remove a section

Instagram I would be planning to remove the button Store, an option that was born in the pandemic for merchants, who took advantage of the closeness with users to directly offer services and products through the Meta application.

According to The Verge, the company is testing a version of the platform that would replace this option with a notification icon. This would return the application to the original interface that many users longed for, although it would still have direct access to the Reels, which are the main objective of the company.

On the other hand, in a report by The Information, it was explained that the current shopping experience offered by the social network would disappear completely.

While Instagram isn’t completely moving away from buying and selling products, transactions would be simpler and less personalized than they are now.

In the trial version of the app, the Store goes into the background and can be accessed from the Settings menu.

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