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Instagram allows you to tag products in the publications, this is how it works

One of the most anticipated features by all users is the possibility that anyone who has an account Instagram You can tag products. And finally, the company has decided to take the step to make this happen. TechMarkup brings all the news and what exactly is achieved with this new function.


Previously, only brands with ‘influencer’ profiles or personas (as recognized by Instagram) had the ability to do this. Therefore, it was a function reserved for those who considered themselves content creators.

Well, the others did not like this conditioning because it limited their ability to help a friend who sells in the store. social network some product and even companies in which they have a lot of confidence.


How is the new Instagram feature

Fortunately, the social network itself has confirmed in a message that things are definitely changing and therefore Anyone with a public account can tag products that are for sale on Instagram.


This allows users access directly by clicking on the appropriate place (and you don’t have to go to the company profile and then search until you find what you saw in a photo or as part of a History like before).

With this movement, small businesses will be given a great help because, among other things, they can make their products much more visible and all users can support them. By the way, there is no financial reward for this, since the motivation should only be the recommendation.

So you can add a product label


1. Start to create a post in feed.

2. Click on ‘Label people’.

3. Find and label the brand first. At the bottom you should see 2 options labeled ‘People’ and ‘Products’.

4. Click on ‘Products’.

5. Click on the photo to start labeling the products. Use the search engine to find the product. Once the product is found, specify any style and/or color, then press to add a tag.

6. Click on ‘Share’ to publish the post, and voila.

For now, a feature available only in the United States

This is the bad side as the rollout officially starts only in USA Of course, it can be expected that the possibility of direct product labeling by all users will soon be extended to other regions.

The truth is that this is an excellent opportunity that opens the door for everyone to directly show what they like on this social network and, for example, if they have recently tried a board game and had good impressions, it can be linked directly to the page where it is possible to buy it on Instagram. A way to make the platform more useful, and that’s what it’s all about.

3 tricks to make Instagram Stories like an influencer

Hide hashtags

Hashtags, while useful, can dirty the story a bit, so using this simple method they can be hidden while maintaining their functionality without covering the content.

To do this, simply place them behind a gifs either emoji or, more obviously, set the fill color the same as the background, making them invisible to followers but not to Instagram.

Add new templates to Instagram

Instagram templates can be installed to give more difference and exclusivity to the Stories. To do this, you need to download the app Unfold Story Templates in Androideither Crehana for iPhone.

With either app, users can get a library of hundreds of templates with lots of effects and fonts to apply to stories.

Expand the color palette

To expand the range of colors you want to use in a Story, you need to open the Story and select the Brush.

Whether hold down any of the colors that appear in the preset palette, the full palette with all the colors will appear for you to choose from.

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