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Instagram adds automatic captions to videos

Instagram adds a small but important feature to your application: the ability to apply subtitles on videos that appear in the feed. This feature, which is available in tiktok and others social media como Twitterwill allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand what is happening in the video.

Adam Mosserithe head of Instagram, has confirmed that the video subtitles will be created automatically. That is, the creator will not have to use third-party platforms to perform this same function or enter the text manually when creating a reel.

How captions work on Instagram

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The subtitles, in this case, created by algorithms capable of copying what you say, so that the explanation may not be exactly exactly in some cases. In fact, this feature is currently available in some languages. It is expected that in the coming months when the function adjusts to greater precision, it will be available in new languages.

On the other hand, users will automatically see captions when visiting a Reel or other playable content on Instagram. They will be displayed at the bottom of the video, but you can disable it at any time.

Captions on Instagram are not just a very useful feature for the hearing impaired. The new function also serves so that the user to access the platform and see different contents without volume.

How to turn on automatic captions on Instagram videos

1. Enter your Instagram profile.

2. Once in it, click on the button menu so that it appears at the bottom.

3. When you do, click on the button Setting to access the application settings.

4. Click on the section of Bill to access settings related to your user account.

5. When you are in the account section, simply click on the option subtitles that will appear in the menu. It’s just below the Language option.

6. In here, it is only necessary enable caption capability for Instagram to create.

7. Next, although it may not be possible to change, there will also be an option to select the language.

Pay attention to the data: instagram captions can also be activated when watching videos, although it is not always the same. Here, the user must enter the video and click on the button Options and in the menu, you will see the setting to activate subtitles and language.

News that have already arrived or are about to arrive on Instagram

Recently, Instagram added a button to like a story. This novelty, unlike the publications, are not shown for all users, since only the editors of the Stories can see them.

Instagram story likes also have a count, but users can see who is pressing the heart button by accessing the view list.

On the other hand, the CEO of Instagram has confirmed that he is working on the ability to switch between different feeds. Currently, the app displays a home page with user posts a person follows, as well as people or accounts, based on personal interests.

Currently, the images and videos in the feed do not appear in chronological order and in addition, extra publications come out by hashtags, or the algorithm of the social network.

What Instagram plans is to add two new options to view the feed. The first is ‘Following’, which will be exclusive to all the people a user follows; and the second is ‘Favorites’, something like the option of Best friends but at the beginning of the social network.

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