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Instagram: 3 simple options to download Reels totally free

On other occasions Infobae has brought seen how to download material from a social network for example, TikTok videos. On this occasion, it’s the turn of Instagram and its famous reels.

Today Infobae presents three ways to download Instagram Reels which can be viewed whenever the user wants, even without internet connection Internet. First, you have to download the SSSGram program. Here are some basic observations:

1. Downloading Instagram Reels with SSSGram is completely free.

2. This platform allows downloading videos from Instagram but Also other popular content.

3. To download a photo or video from Instagram, it is only Post link required.

4. When using SSSGram, the quality of the files is maintained; that is, they retain the quality in which they were published.

5. The Bulk Load is another feature of the platform, especially if a post has multiple elements.

Ready. The following will explain the step by step on how to download Instagram reels with three different ways:

Method 1: Download Instagram Reels in Video Format with SSSGram

If you want to get a complete video of a Reel, this process is indicated:

1. Go to Instagram and search for the Reel you want to download, or you can also browse the social network feed until you find the perfect post.

2. Touch the three points to open the video options. Now you have to copy the video link.

3. Open your browser and go to SSSGram. Paste the link in the central bar of the platform and press the button Download.

4. You will see the Reel on the web and next to it are the available options. Select MP4 to download the Reel in video format.

5. Completing the previous step, a window will open where you can choose where to save the file. Once this action is complete, the download will begin.

Method 2: Download only the sound of the Reels

Reel can come with an interesting sound; be it a song or just a sound with which you can record a funny video, or a dance. Then, if you only want to get MP3, below the step by step:

1. Search for Instagram posts, it can be through the page or the application.

two. Copy video URL via the post menu. It will show you some options from which you have to select Copy link.

3. Login to SSSGram from browser trustworthy

4. Paste the link in the available platform content Download from Instagram, and then press the button.

5. Finally, you will see a thumbnail of the Reel and in the download options it is important select MP3 to get only the audio.

Method 3: Get the shared images on the Reels

Have you seen a Reel that, in addition to the video, tDo you have interesting images? It’s normal to find mixed content, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just download photos. SSSGram also handles these formats:

1. Locate the Reel with the photo you want to download.

2. Get the article link, It doesn’t matter if it’s one of the images or a Reel; is the same for all elements.

3. Paste the link in SSSGram, first use your browser to access the platform and be able to use it.

4. After the tool processes the post, it will show you all its elements separately. For photos, select Download image (JPG)

5. After pressing the button, select the folder where it will be stored and that’s it.


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