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Inisherin’s Banshees: Understand the ending of the Oscar-nominated film

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Released in 2022, Inisherin’s Banshees already in one of the favorite productions for the Oscar 2023. Winner of three Golden Globe awards, the film directed and written by Martin McDonagh has intrigued audiences around the world with a simple story, but which has interesting elements and more complex discussions than that can be seen on the surface.

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The plot brings Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson as protagonists, who interpret the characters Pádraic Súilleabháin and Colm Doherty, respectively, two former friends who try to manage the conflicts present in their relationship. However, things quickly escalate and the confusion between the parties begins to affect not only them, but everyone who lives on the same remote island on which they reside.

The Banshees of Inisherin: Ending Explained

At the turn of the third act of the film, Colm cuts off four of his fingers in order to scare Pádraic away for good. Something he had promised to do if he ever bothered him again. The result of this violent act, however, has an unexpected ending: Siobhán (Kerry Condon), Pádraic’s sister, decides to leave the island and Jenny, the man’s pet, when trying to eat one of Colm’s severed fingers, chokes. and die.

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From then on, Pádraic loses ground, as his peaceful life undergoes a significant change. He loses much of his kindness, one of his main characteristics, and decides to declare war on Colm. As revenge, Farrell’s character sets Colm’s house on fire with him inside.

The narrative shows, after all, that Colm escaped the fire. He and Pádraic meet once more after the event, however, what appears to be a peace treaty is actually a reinforcement of the conflict between the two, with Pádraic saying that they are still not even and that one of them should die. . That is, the clashes will continue (a parallel to the war context presented in the film, which takes place during the Irish Civil War).

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The end of the film also shows the fulfillment of Mrs. McCormick (Sheila Flitton), a character who may be a banshee (creature that announces deaths). She tells Pádraic that there will be two deaths on the island and, as we attest, the donkey dies, as well as Dominic (Barry Keoghan), who kills himself after being rejected by Siobhán, being abused by his father and losing hope in Pádraic.

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