Ingrid Coronado denied having started a legal action against Anna Ferro

During the BienFest health festival, Ingrid Coronado revealed that no legal process has been started to evict Anna Ferro from her home in Cuernavaca Photos: Getty Images

The former host of the program come the joy, ingrid coronadoduring an event held in Mexico City He clarified that he has not started any process against of the widow of Fer del Solar, anna ferro, for evict her from the house located in Cuernavaca.

According to his testimony, no legal process has begun: “Neither of the trust, nor of the succession trial, nor of the will. Currently I am focused solely on my children and what I decided was that I would allow some time to pass so that my children can heal their wounds and I strengthen my energy to start moving with respect to other things, ” mentioned during the BienFest health festival of which she is an ambassador.

It had previously been revealed that the late Argentine would have divided his estate into two equal partswhich would correspond to a fraction for Ferro and another for the mother of his children.

He mentioned that Paolo and Luciano are attending thanatological therapy in search of being able to overcome the death of his father.

The driver stressed that her children attend therapy to be able to overcome the death of their father in the best possible way (Photo: Instagram/@ingridcoronadomx)
The driver stressed that her children attend therapy to be able to overcome the death of their father in the best possible way (Photo: Instagram/@ingridcoronadomx)

When they asked him if the widow of Fer del Solar had already contacted her to be able to check the issue of the trust of the house, he replied that everything was going well legally and He took the opportunity to ask the press to respect his childrenin addition to asking them to take care of the information they reveal about their family and the relationship he had with the deceased driver.

On the broadcast of the program the sun risesone of the drivers explained that the house in Cuernavaca, in which the Argentine couple lived, he could not leave it to his widow since it is part of a trust which protects the mother of his children and themin addition to the fact that she is the one in charge of paying the monthly payment of the place.

At the same press conference he clarified his alleged affair with Marco Antonio Regil. He highlighted that she is singlehowever considers that the driver is very gentlemanly and does not rule out the idea of ​​having a romantic relationship with himShe also mentioned that he is a good friend to her.

At the end of August during the signing of autographs for her book MujerÓN, the presenter answered some questions about the accusations made by Anna Ferro against her. In addition to noting that she never sued her ex-husbandmentioned that he is not interested in responding with media remarks, since he prefers to do it from other media.

During the Image Entertainment clip, it was revealed that the house was purchased under a trust, therefore it is not inheritable and belongs to Ingrid Coronado and her children.

After Ferro ensure that Ingrid I had him filed a lawsuit a Fernando del Solar Shortly before he died and she was in charge of collecting the rent for the apartments that were in the name of the children she had with her ex-husband, she pointed out that does not intend to respond through the mediabecause he prefers that things be done from the legal sphere.

Since Fernando del Solar passed away on June 30, Ingrid Coronado has preferred to stay away from the media, just as she had not given any statements about what happened in her divorce.

It was last July when Anna Ferro, in an interview with the magazine Hello!, noted that her husband died with concerns that he was sued for the first time. It was for this reason that the former presenter of come the joy denied all accusations through his lawyer, who uncovered that the lawsuit was for divorce and had been initiated by Del Solar.

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