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Influencer marketing: which of TikTok, Instagram or YouTube is doing better?

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With the pandemic, influencers have become a major channel for brands. And social networks are privileged tools for influencer marketing campaigns, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Youtube monopolizing attention.

In order to communicate in an “authentic” way (quotes are required), influencers have become a powerful link in the communication chain of brands who want to talk to their potential customers. The global media monitoring and social analysis platform Meltwater has just carried out a study on the evolution of so-called “influencer marketing” and its evolution since the start of the health crisis, on the media social services that most help in its exercise.


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Micro-influencers are the real darlings of brands

The first thing to remember is that Instagram is the preferred social media scheduler for influencer marketing campaigns. Thanks to its efficient, engaging model and a solid base of 2 billion active users each month, Instagram integrates 94% of influencer campaigns, almost all of them!


Micro-influencers (those who have between 5,000 and 30,000 followers and reach between 500 and 5,000 people per post), are the number one choice for brands today, when it comes to collaboration. Why them and not the Instagram superstars you ask? Because their audience, often more targeted, allows a high level of engagement, at prices which for brands remain reasonable, which guarantees them a greater return on investment.

The study indicates that micro-influencers account for 91% of all sponsored post engagements, which can only encourage brands to stay in this trend. These paid posts, all platforms combined, increased by 26.7% in 2021. Influencers shared nearly 4 million sponsored posts with their audience, compared to 3 million in 2020.

Influencer marketing, a 14 billion dollar market


While Facebook also remains a large platform for influencer campaigns (43% are still broadcast there), no one can deny the growing place occupied by TikTok, which competes with Instagram for the title of the most downloaded application in 2021. continued to grow, now totaling more than one billion monthly active users.

TikTok is now the preferred platform for major brands, who prefer the Chinese social network to Google’s platform, YouTube. Brands have seized the TikTok opportunity, aware of the scale taken (and its impact on young consumers) by the social network of short videos, which they are integrating more into their strategies. If TikTok is still far from Instagram, the social network now hosts 13% of influence campaigns, against 10% for YouTube, relegated to fourth place.


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The influencer marketing market weighs heavily. Meltwater estimates it at 14 billion dollars, with phenomenal growth, which would be around 50% per year. And although part of the public is still not receptive to this mode of communication, 64% of users made a purchase via social networks in 2021.

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