Infinix Smart 6 Review | Is it worth buying this cheap?

The Infinix Smart 6 cell phone is an alternative launched by the Chinese manufacturer, in partnership with Positivo, here in Brazil to provide a model with a low price. The device announced in 2021 has basic hardware, but has onboard promises with a focus on usability.

The main one is related to the battery, whose autonomy can exceed 28 hours for those who play. However, there are other specific elements that can negatively influence the overall experience. Want to know whether or not it’s worth buying the Infinix Smart 6? So check out the full review.

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design and build

At first glance, the design of the Infinix Smart 6 is very reminiscent of the Galaxy A22. However, there are some elements that demonstrate the inferiority of the Chinese product when compared to the South Korean one. It is all plastic, with some drawings in clearer lines to give the product a futuristic look.

However, we see the attachment to the past when we look at the back of the product. That’s because the camera module is an unnecessary square, as one of the lenses is just a decoration so as not to make the format look like the Pro line of the iPhone. In addition, the flash could have another placement to eliminate this geometric shape on the back of the smartphone.

The Smart 6 has the fingerprint reader located at the rear. The problem is not the installation location of this form of biometrics, but the alignment, as use is difficult for those with small hands, as is my case.

Another element that bothers me a lot is the microUSB input. Even though it was a 2021 cell phone, there were already basic cell phones in that period that had a USB-C port, such as the Galaxy A12. Soon, the company used an unjustifiable cost-cutting strategy, something similar to that seen on the Realme C30S.


The Infinix Smart 6 screen is 6.6 inches in HD+ resolution. The fact that the panel is a low-quality LCD negatively impacts the experience. I say this because it lacks clarity for viewing content, especially videos on streaming platforms.

The brightness of the screen is very low, because the 500 nits are not enough to illuminate the display well, even indoors. Going outside, under sunlight, the scenario becomes even more challenging and compromises use, even for photography.

configuration and performance

In the Infinix Smart 6, we find a set of configurations for a basic cell phone, as there are 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal space in the version tested by Canaltech. For performance, we have the Unisoc SC9863A, which runs applications with a lot of effort, and games, when compatible, with the minimum graphics quality. The benchmark tests, unfortunately, did not even run on this cell phone.

The layout of XOS 7.6 is one of the simplest and most stuck I’ve ever used. Even simple actions, such as entering the menu, can be something that requires two or three clicks on the button because it seems that the cell phone does not recognize the commands.

At first, I thought it had something to do with the lack of RAM memory, but, in fact, they are bugs in the interface itself, since the applications do not show the same difficulty in opening them. There are several problems with the smartphone, but I cannot complain that Infinix does not deliver updates. The cell phone, despite being stagnant on Android 11 Go, receives several security packages, including the one from May 2023.

However, these updates take longer than expected to download. A file with 63 MB, for example, can take almost 2 hours to have its download completed and be installed on the cell phone.


The cameras are another big problem with the Infinix Smart 6. Although the 8 MP sensor gets the white balance right, it’s a shame that it lacks sharpness. In well-lit environments, in daylight, interesting images can be obtained. The only point that leaves something to be desired is the excessive pixelation in the photos.

This is also noticeable on the 5 MP front camera. The sensor manages to match my skin tone, something that is one of the biggest difficulties in cheap devices, but the low resolution makes the image work only for a WhatsApp profile picture.

For filming, the front camera has its recording limited to HD (720p) and the rear to Full HD (1080p). Just like photos, videos suffer from a lack of resolution, and also stabilization to make movements more fluid, something that can be seen below.

battery and charging

The only positive point present in the Infinix Smart 6 is the battery. The device has a capacity of 5,000 mAh, and this guarantees an interesting time of use on a daily basis. In the test using Canaltech, it was possible to obtain a consumption of 30%.

This result is the result of a hybrid use over 6 hours, varying between videos, games and social networks. The screen brightness was set at 60% to give an estimate of the common usage of people who will buy this smartphone.

With this format of use, it is possible to keep the device turned on for up to 20 hours. In practice, this guarantees up to one day of use with it away from the socket. Recharging, on the other hand, is a big problem for this Infinix cell phone, as it is only compatible with 10 W power, which is the power of the charger present in the box. Therefore, the total recharge time is 1 hour and 56 minutes.

direct competitor

The Moto G23 is a big competitor to the Infinix Smart 6, whether considering the specs or the price point. Despite its simplicity, the Motorola device brings a great experience focused on the entry-level market.

For anyone who browses the internet and consumes content from social networks, it makes a lot of sense. The battery is good, the cameras are more balanced and the interface is less prone to bugs.

However, the few cuts also have an impact on the price, as the G23 can be seen on the market with a value close to R$ 1 thousand. Therefore, it is BRL 400 more to reduce the risk of stress when using the smartphone.

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Is it worth paying BRL 700 for the Infinix Smart 6?

The fact that the Infinix Smart 6 is an extremely cheap cell phone makes many users curious about its quality. However, it should be noted that this device is not worth it, even at its current price.

Its design similar to the Galaxy M line and the battery with good energy management are not elements that have a high impact on the purchase decision. I say this because choked performance, combined with a poorly optimized interface, are limiting elements for the user experience.

Furthermore, lagged system updates make any hope of better usability in the future extinguished. Based on the experience gained with this smartphone, I believe that buying the Moto G23 is the best option. This Infinix model serves, at most, as a spare cell phone.

The Motorola device is simple, but optimized for having a light interface and without many customizations. Its cameras are more balanced, the performance brings more fluidity, and its price close to R$ 1,000 is justified by these and other characteristics.

๐Ÿ›’ See the price of the Moto G23 in Magalu

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๐Ÿ›’ See the price of the Moto G23 on Amazon

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