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Indiscreet Eye: Meet the new spicy Netflix series

Indiscreet Eye: Meet the new spicy Netflix series

Those who are fans of series have probably noticed that they have a new title at the top of the list of most watched series on Netflix. Indiscreet Eye, or Lady Voyeur, as the series was called in English, is a Brazilian crime thriller that is making waves on the streaming platform.

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Created by Marcela Citterio and directed by Luciana Oliveira, Fabrizia Pinto and Letícia Veiga, the plot tells the story of a hacker who meets the man of her life and then everything changes.

The ten episodes are already available on the service and the strong cast also draws attention. Learn all about production!

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Discover the new series Olhar Indiscreto

The episodes follow Miranda (Débora Nascimento), an extremely skilled hacker who is also an uncontrollable voyeur. She spends her days observing the routine of Cléo (Emanuelle Araújo), the luxury prostitute who lives in the opposite building.

When Cléo knocks on Miranda’s door and asks her to take care of her dog, the hacker becomes involved in a love triangle that satisfies all her sexual desires, but little did she know that her life was about to change.

Produced by Mixer Filmes and adapted by Brazilian Camila Raffanti, the miniseries also features Nikolas Antunes, Ângelo Rodrigues, Gabriela Moreyra, Gabriella Muglia, Sacha Bali and Gustavo Machado in the cast.

In this way, the series marks a new point in the Brazilian market, joining productions with 3% internationally recognized on the streaming service.

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Currently, the series has only one season with ten episodes in total. All episodes of Olhar Indiscreto are now available on Netflix.

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