Indiana Jones: Disney+ plans franchise series

It seems that plans to bring pop culture’s most famous archaeologist to our screens won’t just be in the new movie, scheduled for 2023, because now there is the possibility of Indiana Jones win a series on Disney+🇧🇷 According to Variety, Lucasfilm and The Mouse House mentioned this possibility during a meeting, however, without going into much detail about the project.


This lack of concrete information can generate numerous speculations about the direction the production would take. Could it be a spin-off? An origin story? Or even a continuation of the coming Indiana Jones 5🇧🇷 We don `t know yet.

Source: Lucasfilm/ReproductionSource: TecMundo


Anyway, it is good to point out that Harrison Ford previously said he would not reprise the role.l, thus ruling out his participation in the new series. But, despite the absence, the actor also commented that he would not like to see another personality giving life to the adventurer, other than himself. “When I’m gone, he’s gone too,” Harrison Ford said during an interview with NBC’s Today in 2019.

Despite all these uncertainties, seeing Indiana Jones on the small screen would not necessarily be unprecedented. Going back to the past, the series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles aired on ABC in 1992, with the right to two seasons and actors Sean Patrick Flanery, Corey Carrier and Geoge Hall playing the archaeologist at different stages of his life.


The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, released by ABC in 1992 (Source: ABC/Reproduction)The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, released by ABC in 1992 (Source: ABC/Reproduction)Source: Amazon

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