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‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’ is going to be (by far) the longest movie in the saga

'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate' is going to be (by far) the longest movie in the saga

Are nowadays the longest movies? Uncommonly long? If we stick to big-budget movies, the answer is definitely. Recent premieres attest to this: Babylon lasted 188 minutes, John Wick: Chapter 4 169 minutes, Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3 159 minutes, and the prize goes to him James Cameron with Avatar: The Sense of Water, of 192 minutes of footage. next of Christopher Nolan, oppenheimerlasts exactly three hours, and there seems to be no alternative.

Hence, no one was surprised when it came out that Indiana Jones and the dial of fate lasted 142 minutes. The point is that, according to World of Reelsjust added 10 minutes more to the footage, bringing the total duration to 154 minutes. Something striking because, even before the addition of minutes (possibly due to the credits), the dial of fate it was already the adventure of Indiana Jones longest in the series. The increase only makes this rank more ostentatious.

the dial of fate exceeds 125 minutes that lasted the previous film of the archaeologist, The kingdom of the crystal skulland does the same with what until now was the most extensive installment of the saga: Indiana Jones and the last crusadewhich arrived in theaters in 1989 with a montage of 128 minutes. the dial of fate This brand has increased by almost half an hour more, as those attending the cannes film festival when this film is released soon, out of competition.

The funny thing is that it will do it parallel to the projection Killers of the Flower Moonnew movie Martin Scorsese whose duration reaches 206 minutes. There is undoubtedly a bloat in the film footage, and the same kathleen kennedy (president of lucasfilm and therefore producer of the dial of fate) has spoken about it. “It is true that the first films they were shorter”, he admitted.

“They lasted less than two hours and 15 minutes, it was something we talked about a lot. But, as you know, the duration depends on how you feel, right? So if you’re sitting in front of a movie and it seems long… it’s interesting because long storytelling is what we like on the movie set. streaming. It could be an answer to that.” Perhaps, then, we must blame the desire to urinate on the streaming.

In any case, and whether it is worth that duration or not, Indiana Jones and the dial of fate the next one opens June 30th.

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