Indiana Jones 5: trailer should be released soon, says director

James Mangold, the director of Indiana Jones 5, revealed on social media that a trailer for the film is coming out very soon.

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The information was given through a response given to a fan, who asked the director about when the next “promotional piece” for the feature would come out. Mangold joked that in less than a month, the public would have some news about it.

Scheduled to be released in the North American summer — which is equivalent to the period between autumn and winter in Brazil —, Indiana Jones 5 will mark the long-awaited return of Harrison Ford in the role of the archaeologist, continuing the events of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skullback in 2008.


Despite not having an official title yet, what we have already confirmed is the inclusion of new characters played by a strong cast, with names like Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Boyd Holbrook, Antonio Banderas and Toby Jones. John Rhys-Davies, who gave life to the character Sallah, however, is not expected to return.

In May, the first poster for the film was shared on Harrison Ford’s own Twitter profile. Remember:


Could it be that James Mangold is bluffing and, in fact, new material is on the way Indiana Jones 5🇧🇷 keep following the My Series so you don’t miss any news!

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