India pulled up the smart watch market, Apple pocketed the profit

It has become an everyday basic accessory for the smart watch, and now the name does not mean accessories with an open operating system. Counterpoint Research, but all kinds of connected and wrist-mounted gadgets. Even though the momentum of the sector stalled last year, in fact: depending on the region, the buying mood decreased, in India the thing took off so much that it single-handedly raised the delivery statistics.

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Last year thus ended with a 12% increase compared to 2021, and two and a half times as many gadgets were delivered in India alone as a year earlier. In contrast, North America grew modestly, and demand in China fell by 9%, apparently due to the coronavirus closures and the wave of infections. In many cases, just such a gadget can be useful when it comes to health monitoring.

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The watch market also became more expensive due to inflationary pressure, but regardless of this, the top models over $400 were strengthened: manufacturers shipped 129% more of them compared to 2021, with which the top watches doubled their market share. However, the sector is still dominated by the cheapest sub-$100 gadgets with 35% of the entire market.

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There is no question as to which brand leads in terms of deliveries, sales and profits: the Apple Watch increased in number of units, revenue and share, while Samsung’s slice of the cake remained exactly the same, which of course means 12% more Galaxy Watches being sold. Among the brands that are popular with us, Huawei, Garmin, Amazfit (Huami) and Xiaomi also fell somewhat in the number of units delivered, but the Chinese manufacturers may gain strength again this year if consumer sentiment returns to the populous country.

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