Increased demand for used iPhone models

Apple has recently raised its prices around the world, due to inflation and the strengthening of the dollar against other currencies.


As a result, the demand for used iPhone models has increased sharply, something that is not only noticeable here in Sweden but also in other countries.

For example, Apple’s sales in Japan fell by 9 percent in the last fiscal year, which is related to the increased prices in the country.


During the same period, the sale of used mobile phones has increased by 15 percent, reports the Reuters news agency.

– Until now, I have only bought new phones, it is the first time I have bought one second hand. The new models are too expensive, comments 23-year-old Taishin Chonan, who chose to buy a used iPhone 13.


A total of 2.1 million used mobile phones were sold in Japan last year, and according to the MM Research Institute, the number will rise to 3.4 million in four years’ time.

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