In which soap opera Fernando Colunga and Adela Noriega worked together and how they got along

Fernando Colunga, despite being a highly professional actor, had discrepancies with Adela Noriega derived from her habit of impunity Photos: Getty Images

The only telenovela in which they worked together as protagonists Fernando Colunga and Adela Noriega it was Real lovehowever before that participation they shared a set in Sweet challenge, on that occasion he was only Eduardo Yáñez’s double in the motorcycle scenes.

The soap opera Real love It was a Mexican production produced by Carla Estrada for the television network Televisa in 2003. In the background, a historical environment developed in the post-independence era of Mexico was used.

It was based on the book Hate Weddings by the Tabasco author Caridad Bravo Adams and in the telenovela of the same name previously produced by the warm-blooded Ernesto Alonso. The new adaptation was made by the Mexican María Zarattini.

At that time it was carried out by Adela Noriega, Fernando Colunga and Mauricio Islaswith fellow antagonists such as Helena Rojo, Chantal Andere, Beatriz Sheridan, Ernesto Laguardia, Carlos Cámara, Harry Geithner and Maya Mishalska, in addition to starring performances by Ana Martín, Mario Iván Martínez and Ana Bertha Espín.

Despite the unpunctuality of the actress, there is no knowledge that they had a strong fight Photo: Univision
Despite the unpunctuality of the actress, there is no knowledge that they had a strong fight Photo: Univision

The relationship between Ferdinand and Adele was not the best, since Colunga disliked unpunctuality with which the recordings began due to the constant delay of his partner Noriega, since during his career he was characterized as a late person.

Fact that recently came to light in an interview with Chantal Anderewho mentioned that the actor was Adela’s counterpart, always being the first to arrive at the recording set and be a highly professional person when acting.

Everything seems to indicate that Fernando did not tolerate latenesspersonal habit of the actress, however it was never confirmed or denied that the protagonists had some kind of confrontation over the situation.

What were the names of the main characters of the telenovela Amor Real

Fernando Colunga as Manuel Fuentes-Guerra Aranda.

Adela Noriega as Matilde Peñalver and Beristáin Curiel de Fuentes-Guerra.

Mauricio Islas as Adolfo Solís Gallardo/ Felipe Santamaría.

– Helena Rojo – Augusta Curiel Vda. of Peñalver and Beristain.

– Chantal Andere as Antonia Morales Cortes.

– Beatriz Sheridan as Damiana Garcia.

– Ernesto Laguardia as Humberto Peñalver.

– Carlos Cámara as Lic. Ramón Márquez.

– Ana Martin as Rosario Aranda.

– Mario Iván Martínez as Renato Piquet.

– Ana Bertha Espín as Prudencia Curiel Vda. of Alonzo.

Regardless of the success presented in the Mexican territory and Latin America, Real love achieved international recognition. It was broadcast in prime time from 9 PM to 10 PM on the Univisión television network, managing to beat the main networks of our neighbor to the north, the United States, with the largest audience.

In addition, it was also reproduced in Spain on national television, on the TVE channel, it was broadcast in the afternoon during 2005, in that same yearand released the DVD of the TV series Y It was the first telenovela to be published with English subtitles.

Its release on disc was very successful in sales in the United States and also included countries such as: Canada, Puerto Rico, France, Italy and Spain.

It was filmed in the former Tetlapayac hacienda and in the surroundings of the state of Hidalgo in a period of eight months, since the story takes place in the 19th century in Mexican territory, some buildings and squares had to be built.

In order to carry out the recording, the participation of more than a thousand actors, extras, technicians and artisans was needed. Mexican composer Jorge Avendaño Lührs was in charge of composing the original incidental soundtrack.

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