In addition to “Persuasion”, other streaming movies that are based on Jane Austen classics

Anne Elliot, a woman struggling against the limitations of her arrogant family, finds herself getting a second chance at love. (Netflix)

It is said that “the classics never go out of style”, but the truth is that, although many of the great works of literature may never die, Hollywood from time to time will take care of giving these texts a new air and therefore creates new versions, some with greater success than others, based on works by great writers of literature.

It is a fact that William Shakespeare will always inspire new productions, but perhaps its female counterpart, Jane Austenwhose work dates back two centuries, is not far behind and is constantly being taken back to the cinema and sometimes in very free versions compared to the original text.

Dakota Johnson is the protagonist of “Persuasion”. (Netflix)

A few days ago it premiered Persuasionthe new bet of Netflix based on Austen’s work of the same name, and although it is a faithful adaptation of this classic, it also has some adjustments that make it modern, that is, although it is set in the 19th century, like the work on which it is inspired , has Afro-descendant characters in important roles, a situation that did not happen in those years due to racism.

On the other hand, its protagonist Anne Elliot (dakota johnson), breaks the fourth wall and in addition to constantly looking at the camera, he talks to the viewer to draw him into his story.

"Persuasion" can now be seen on Netflix.  (Netflix)
“Persuasion” can now be seen on Netflix. (Netflix)

In the last three decades there have been other stories that were based on books by the British writer, which although it may not seem like it at first glance, are inspired by her texts and some have been luckier than others with critics and the public. Which are?

Fire Island

pride and prejudice It is not only one of Austen’s best-known works, it is also one of the most adapted to film and television, therefore, doing something different and surprising with this text can be a difficult mission to accomplish, but Star+ it seems that it can do it with the premiere of this feature film.

"Fire Island" premiered last June.  (Star Plus)
“Fire Island” premiered last June. (Star Plus)

Rated as one of the best comedies of 2022, this film follows the premise of Jane but puts it on a modern plane and in which the LGBTI+ community is the protagonist. The film follows a group of gay friends determined to have the best summer week of their lives in New York’s Fire Island Pines.

The LGBTI version of “Pride and Prejudice” is considered a good adaptation of Austen’s classic and one of the best romantic comedies of 2022. (Star Plus)

Clueless (no idea)

This 1995 film became an instant classic and after more than two decades of its release, it continues to be a favorite and essential among young people, who discover this feature film inspired by emma of Jane Austen but framed in the California of the 90s.

The success of this "Emma" reversal was so successful that a three-season series was made.  (Parmount Pictures)
The success of this “Emma” reversal was so successful that a three-season series was made. (Parmount Pictures)

This teen movie has 81% approval in Rotten Tomatoes and when it was released it earned more than 10 million dollars in its first week. The romantic comedy set in Heckerling High School stars a young Alice Silverstone What Cher Horowitz and got more than 56 million worldwide.

This work was directed by Amy Heckerling and pays homage to Austen’s literary classic from 1815 and takes them to the Beverly Hills of the 90s and although at first glance the text that inspired this film cannot be identified, by putting more detail it will be seen that the director instead of the letters and Austen’s notes, uses cell phones and pay phones to build narrative tension.

In its first weekend this film grossed 10 million dollars in the United States (Paramount Pictures)

The film that can be seen through hbo maxeven adapts Austen’s period fashion in a ’90s-specific way, with Cher frequently donning waisted dresses.

The diaryof Bridget Jones

This 2001 British film also became an instant classic, spawning two sequels, one in 2004 (Bridget Jone: on the brink of reason) and another in 2016 (Bridget Jones’s baby), and although it may not seem like it, it is also a fairly free adaptation of pride and prejudice of Jane Austen.

The film's male lead in the film (Colin Firth) bears the same last name as his literary counterpart, Mr. Darcy.  (Universal Pictures)
The film’s male lead in the film (Colin Firth) bears the same last name as his literary counterpart, Mr. Darcy. (Universal Pictures)

This feature film tells the life of Bridget, a single British woman (Renée Zellweger) who have decided to change for the better, want to lose weight, find a “nice, sensible boyfriend,” and stop dating “alcoholics, workaholics, commitment-phobes, voyeurs, megalomaniacs, emotional jerks, or perverts.”

This movie has 80% approval in Rotten Tomatoes. The romance between Bridget (Zellweger) and Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) is very similar to that of Elizabeth Bennett of Austen and the Mr Darcy. In addition to Darcy’s shared name, it’s no coincidence that Firth also played Mr. Darcy in pride and prejudice from 1995. However, the novel is not just about romance, and Bridget Jones either.

The popularity of this film led to two sequels, the most recent in 2016. (Universal Pictures)

From Prada to Nada

This is the Latin commitment to try to modernize Austen’s classics, although not with great success. The film released in 2011 is a modern version of sanity and feeling, as a contemporary story of the empowerment of Latina women in the United States.

The story follows Nora (Camille Belle) and Mary Dominguez (Alexa Vega), two wayward teenagers. One is a nerd who studies at the university and the other is a girl who loves parties and shopping. Both have a life of opulence in Beverly Hills. The youngest even denies her Mexican roots.

The Latin bet to revert to Austen, which premiered in 2011, did not obtain the expected success. (Lionsgate Pictures)

When their father daddy suddenly passes away, their elegant lives are turned upside down. They find they are penniless and are forced to move into their aunt Aurelia’s modest but lively house (adriana barraza), from which it is separated, in the Latino neighborhood of Boyle Heights, in East Los Angeles.

The protagonists are terrified to leave their world of privilege; neither Nora nor Mary speak Spanish nor have they had to assume real responsibilities. The girls gradually adjust to their new surroundings; their BMWs and Prius trade in for the public bus and a used car. The movie that can be seen in Prime Video was heavily criticized and has a 20% approval.

material girls

This 2006 film starring Hilary Duff and his sister Haylie Duff, is also a version of Sensibility and feeling. It was also not as successful as expected, and is considered one of the worst versions of a Jane Austen classic.

Hilary Duff worked with her sister on this loose version of "Sanity and Feeling."  (MGM)
Hilary Duff worked with her sister on this loose version of “Sanity and Feeling.” (MGM)

The plot of Austen’s first novel follows spoiled sisters after the death of their father and the loss of their inheritance. Nearly penniless, they are forced to rebuild their lives.

It is considered one of the less successful films based on a text by Jane Austen. (MGM)

This movie which is available on Netflix reimagines the classic story to involve spoiled heiresses who are suddenly bereft of their family fortune when a scandal ruins the cosmetics company’s market value and they must work to rebuild the empire.

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