In a few days, smartphones on BlackBerry OS will stop working

If you’re still using an older BlackBerry system, the start of 2022 might not be right for you.

The brand will indeed put an end to many BlackBerry services from the first days of January.

Blackberry, it is well and truly over …

There was a time, in the 2000s, when pulling a Blackberry out of your pocket immediately made you a real businessman or businesswoman. For a few years now, the brand has clearly lost its luster, and the start of 2022 will even mark, in its own way, the end of Blackberry’s history.


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Indeed, from January 4, 2022, the brand will no longer support the services associated with Blackberry OS until version 7.1, not to mention BlackBerry 10 and the OS dedicated to PlayBook tablets. This affects many services, including data management, phone calls, and SMS.

Of course, this stopping of services will also affect BlackBerry applications, such as Messenger, Link, World… The manufacturer obviously invites the users concerned to migrate to a new smartphone of the brand. It goes without saying that BlackBerry smartphones powered by Android are not affected.

Today, BlackBerry is focused on delivering smart security software and services to businesses and governments around the world. », Explains the brand. Recall that in September 2016, Blackberry announced the cessation of phone manufacturing to focus on business and government service activities.

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On January 4, the firm stated that services for outdated devices would be discontinued. They will “no longer reliably work” at that time, according to BlackBerry, and will be unable to receive data, send messages, or make phone calls, including to emergency numbers.


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Source: BlackBerry

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