Improved the brightness of Nothing Phone (1).

Based on our experience, Nothing managed to come up with a fair offer the first time, the Phone (1) became a unique and competent device in its price category, the conclusion of the test is absolutely positive, except for the otherwise high-end 10-bit, 120 Hz HDR10+ AMOLED panel brightness and video stabilization. It’s not as if they significantly worsened the overall picture, but they left some room for improvement.


Nothing promised a maximum white luminance of 1200 nits, which was actually only 700 nits at best. This cannot be said to be little, but the deficit is noticeable when it comes to outdoor visibility. According to the official explanation, maximizing brightness at a lower level was necessary to balance heat generation and resource demand.



The panel, on the other hand, is able to fulfill the expectations in terms of hardware, the brightness was moderated in software in order to optimize the user experience. It removes this limit, or at least raises it higher when displaying HDR content, Nothing OS version 1.1.6, which is already available for devices in the form of a 62.04 MB update.

The new software also promises sharper shots and more advanced stabilization for video footage, Google AR Core support, more accurate battery level display, fresh sound effects for NFC, and improved Glyph features such as syncing charging animation with sound effects. And of course, the “general bug fixes” were not left out either. Nothing is committed to continuously improving product support and user experience, but users will definitely have to wait until the beginning of next year for Android 13.

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