Home Tech News “Important warning”: Elon Musk called to use Starlink with caution in Ukraine

“Important warning”: Elon Musk called to use Starlink with caution in Ukraine

Elon Musk Important warning

After confirming that the satellite Internet service Starlink arrived in Ukraine, Elon Musk, CEO of the company has just warned to use the signal with caution given the probability of being the target of attacks for not belonging to Russia.

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Through his verified Twitter account, the businessman called on Ukrainians to be careful, because Space X’s Starlink is the only non-Russian telecommunications service which is running.


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“Important warning: Starlink is the only non-Russian communications system still working in parts of Ukraine, so the probability of being targeted is high. Use it with caution,” Musk said.

Given this, Ukraine’s Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov who was the one who made the request to bring the Starlink service to the country, replied that they will keep it in mind and that they will also continue using the service after the invasion.

“Sure, @elonmusk. We are going to use them for the Ukrainians also after our victory,” Fedorov said.

Starlink antennas arrived to ensure the Ukrainian Internet connection, something that is failing in the areas where the fighting is devastating.

what is star link

Starlink is based on a network of small satellites that are intended to cover virtually the entire Earth – except the poles. If the project comes to an end, during this decade it will have 12,000 satellites in orbit although the service began in 2021 with a first phase of 1,500. So far they have been released 1,137 devices.

In early 2020, Elon Musk’s company began launching Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit to deliver Bandwidth Internet. On January 20, the Kennedy Center launched another 60 satellites to offer internet access from low earth orbit, completing the seventeenth mission of the program.

How Starlink helps Ukraine

With the action of Elon Musk, the Ukrainians ensure they have the Internet at a crucial moment, especially in the face of the fear of being left without the service if the local signal providers were physically attacked.

And it is that as Russian aggression progressed, failures in Internet services were reported, creating fear of a massive “blackout” in the country. The most affected was internet Service Provider Triolan, which gives connection to various areas of Ukraine, including Kharkiv.


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Supposedly Kharkiv blackout started after explosions were heard in the areaalthough it is unclear if any damage was inflicted on the telecommunications infrastructure at the time.

Currently, there is no confirmation that Russia has caused failures in the provision of the Internet. simon angusMonash Pi Observatory, assured Reuters that the percentage decrease in the connection has another reason. Due to the conflict, thousands of people left their homes.

With the service starting in Ukraine, StarLink has an important task in the European country. A few weeks ago, Elon Musk announced that he would restore the Internet on the island of Tonga, after the Tonga volcanic eruption ruptured an underground cable telecommunicator.

With satellite Internet you can temporarily stop worrying about this connectivity issue. Well, Ukrainians will continue to communicate outside and inside the country even if there are possible attacks on local physical servers. What’s more, Starlink can also work as GPS.

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