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Images of Google’s Pixel Watch are leaked

A clueless person would be to blame for leaking the first images of Google’s smartwatch, Pixel Watch. Supposedly, the owner of the watch left the device in a restaurant in the United States and has not returned for it in several weeks.


An anonymous source of Android Central sent the photos of what appears to be a Pixel Watch that Google hasn’t officially released.

In the images it can be seen that it is a circular sphere (screen) without bezels, curved edges and two buttons on the sides (one with a crown and a push button), as well as a small circular hole next to a rectangular one which could be where the pressure strap is placed.


It is presumed that the circular hole is the microphone or sensor, though it’s not known what the other buttons around the watch might be for. Regarding its dimensions, it is said that measures approximately 0.5 inches thick and 1.5 inches in diameter, that is, a size similar to that of a 46mm Galaxy Watch.

Reddit user tagtech 414 claimed that he leaked to Android Central the images of the smart watch, although it is not possible to know if it is true. On the other hand, the user said that the device has an expensive appearance.


As it is not officially launched by Google, the cost it will have is unknown, even so, the leaker assured that it does not seem cheap, since it would be similar to the Apple Watch, including the type of strap. “It looks metallic, but feels like it’s covered in glass.”

The images submitted by the Reddit user match the previously leaked renders, which could mean that this watch is the final product and that the company is testing them before mass manufacturing them and launching them on the market.

On the other hand, its software cannot be confirmed yet. As revealed by the leaker, when turning on the device it could not get past the gray Google icon, which according to Android Centralthat could mean that It doesn’t have an operating system.


As expected, being an object supposedly forgotten in a restaurant, there is no charger, even so, the aforementioned medium said that it could be similar to that of Apple Watch. It is likely that include measurement of body temperature, heart rate and SpO2 (oxygen level).

So far Google has not given any statement about the alleged abandoned watch. The Reddit user’s story points out that his friend, a bartender, found him at the place where he works and that the device was stored for several weeks waiting for the owner to pick it up.

Images of the Pixel Watch have been leaked for several years, and everything indicates that this 2022 will finally see the light and will be sold in department stores.

There are those who believe that this leak is a Google’s strategy to draw everyone’s attention to its next smartwatch, which is speculated to have 32 GB capacity and will be released with Wear PS 3.1. It is also estimated that the Pixel Watch will be available in three different colors (grey, black and gold), and that will be sold in WiFi versions and with mobile connectivity. It is presumed that it will be officially presented on May 11, during the Google I/O keynote.


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