IFA 2022: launches and devices announced for this 2022

IFA 2022: launches and devices announced for this 2022
HONOR introduced the new Honor 70 smartphone, as part of its ‘N Series’. (HONOR)

During its presentation at the IFA 2022 technology fair that takes place in Berlin, Germany, until September 6, HONOR presented the new high-end smartphones HONOR 70, as part of its N Series.

According to the manufacturer, this device has an aesthetic that makes it unique compared to other cell phones, a dual symmetrical screen and curved edges. In addition, it has a minimum thickness of only 7.91mm and a total weight of 178g.

This was designed “with advanced material coating techniques” with the intention of resembling the exterior of the device to the surface of a diamond, a material that was the inspiration for the development of the phone, which also has a Sony IMX800 sensor, the first in the world and is designed so that the smartphone can take high-quality photos.

Regarding the characteristics related to the capture of imagesthe HONOR 70 has a professional main dual camera module, which incorporates computational photography technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The HONOR 70 also has software, developed by the company, that helps improve moving images, so that high-definition images and videos are obtained.

video features

The new device from the Chinese brand also includes a new video feature called “Solo Cut mode”, which is responsible for recording in format and focusing on a specific person within a group video. This is possible with Person Autofocus Tracking autofocus technology.

Two videos can be produced at the same time, including an individual video with a solo view (or Solo View) of the subject in focus, as well as the main group video in full screen (or Full View).

According to HONOR, its new smartphone has a 4,800 milliamp (mAh) battery that, thanks to the 66-watt (W) fast-charging feature, is capable of providing a full day of regular use without interruption. In this way, users will be able to recharge the device from 3% to 60% of its capacity in just 20 minutes, using the cable and charger included in the package that is delivered at the time of sale.


new audio device

Days before the start of the activities of the IFA 2022 technology fair in Berlin, TechMarkup reported on a new audio device that was under development and finally, it was presented at the event as the “Honor Earbuds 3 Pro”.

As indicated on the company’s website, these new hearing aids incorporate medium and low frequency sounds, so that the audio quality offered to users is the best possible.

In addition, they have an ambient sound cancellation capacity that adapts to the user’s environment and needs. The ‘Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation’ (ANC) features three different modes:

UltraMode: That reduces loud sounds and generates silence to hear what the user wants while using the Earbuds. It is designed for noisy spaces such as airplanes, train stations or buses in the middle of traffic.

CozyMode: Designed for more comfortable spaces such as a bookstore or during working hours. Reduces the feeling of surround sound from outside.

GeneralMode: It presents an adequate balance of ANC for more everyday situations of use.

hearing aids for children

The Icelandic technology company, Onanoff, which is focused on the development of audio products, presented one of its most attractive products for children’s entertainment at home: the ‘StoryPhones’, hearing aids that have the particularity of being able to tell different stories and stories.

Although they can be used as regular headphones, either wirelessly or through a jack cable; Its main feature is found on the outside of the speakers, since it has discs that can be located and exchanged with the help of magnets. These ‘StoryShields’ contain stories that children can listen to without the need for any other support or additional screen.

StoryPhone hearing aids can tell stories to children (StoryPhone)
StoryPhone hearing aids can tell stories to children (StoryPhone)

Onanoff’s website features two Storyphone models. The first is the basic one and is available in white and gray colors. The user will be able to listen to music and the sound can be regulated by means of controls located on the side of the headphones.