If your son is planted at the altar, then you accompany him to the honeymoon: this is “Amor de madre”, the next premiere of Netflix

José Luis has just been left planted at the altar. But there is no harm that does not come for good: his mother signs up for the honeymoon! (Netflix)

Netflix uploaded to its platform the official trailer for Mother’s Lovethe new Spanish comedy directed by paco knight and starring Quim Gutierrez Y carmen machi. It is produced by Morena Films and Lab Cinema, and they complete the cast Yolanda Ramos, Justina Bustos, Celia Freijeiro Y Andres Velencoso.

Mother’s Love tells the sad story of José Luis (Quim Gutierrez)who has just been left standing at the altar, and as if this were not enough, Mari Carmen (carmen machi), his stubborn mother, has insisted on accompanying him to the honeymoon with the excuse of not losing money. Every minute that passes, José Luis feels more unhappy and unsuccessful; while Mari Carmen has a great time, as if she were on her own honeymoon, living all the experiences she had always wanted and showing her son the excellent woman she really is, but who has not had the opportunity to reveal herself until now.

According to the director of this film: “This is the first time that Machi and Gutiérrez coincide in front of the camera. It has been a delight. They perfectly understood the tone of the film where we moved between laughter and emotion. Together we have been building endearing characters, very funny, but at the same time full of truth. I think that any son and any mother will feel identified”.

The film was shot in two parts. The first was a few months ago in Tenerife, with locations in Santa Cruz and Las Teresitas beach, among other locations on the Canary Island, and a second in Madrid, where it ended.

About the actors

– Maria del Carmen Machi Arroyo, known as Carmen Machi, is a renowned Spanish actress with extensive experience in film and theater. Carmen has Italian paternal roots of artistic tradition.

– Joaquim Gutierrez Ylla, better known as Quim Gutierrezis a Spanish actor who won a Goya Award for best revelation actor for BlueDarkAlmostBlack in 2007.

The movie Mother’s Love will premiere April 29 only on Netflix.



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