If your Android smartphone heats up easily, it may be because of this

Recently, while sales of its new high-end smartphones are doing well, Samsung has had to deal with a scandal related to the performance of its devices. Indeed, the Korean giant has been accused of limiting the performance of its smartphones on certain applications.


In addition to the fact that the Korean giant has not been transparent about this software, vis-à-vis its users, it is also accused of wanting to deceive benchmark applications, which measure this performance. Indeed, while the performance of Galaxy devices was throttled on apps like Genshin Impact, for example, the throttle was disabled when measuring on the Geekbench app (one of the benchmarks for determining how well a device performs well).

Samsung has since apologized and announced an update to fix this issue. According to Android Authority, to justify the existence of this restraining software, called GOS, Samsung would have indicated that it was created in order to avoid overheating of the CPU and GPU.


In addition, it should be noted that other manufacturers have developed similar software for their smartphones. For example, in 2021, OnePlus was also accused of limiting the performance of certain devices.

There would be an overheating problem on Android smartphone chips

Apparently, the overheating problem on Android devices is real, which would therefore push manufacturers to control the use of their devices’ resources by apps. And in an article published this week, the media Business Korea discusses the possible cause of this problem.


According to the site’s sources, the overheating problems that we have on a number of Android smartphones are caused by ARM’s chip designs.

“Currently, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and Samsung Electronics’ Exynos application processors are used in most flagship Android phones, and these phones have problems with heating, performance and power consumption”says one of the industry sources quoted by Business Korea. “The application processors were designed by ARM, the same issues were confirmed in both products made by Samsung Electronics and TSMC, so it can be said that the cause is not the manufacturers, but the designer. »

Also according to this Korean news site, the iPhone would not have any overheating problem. Indeed, although Apple also manufactures its chips using ARM technologies, the Cupertino company and ARM would have optimized the technology to run on iOS.


In essence, ARM’s technologies would not be entirely to blame, since there would also be the question of optimizing the hardware with the software. Moreover, it should also be noted that Mediatek, which also provides chips for smartphones, assures that its latest flagship, the Dimensity 9000, will not have overheating problems.

“There is only one company that has heating problems at the moment. And it’s not us”said a Mediatek official, quoted by Android Authority in 2021.

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