If you miss BlackBerry, this smartphone is for you

At one time, BlackBerry was one of the market leaders in smartphones. But faced with competition from Apple and manufacturers of Android devices, the Canadian company did not hold up.


Today, BlackBerry is a company specializing in services and cybersecurity. In 2020, BlackBerry and TCL ended the partnership that allowed the latter to sell “BlackBerry” branded devices.

And Onward Mobility, which had planned to take over the license, finally decided to abandon its project. ” […] It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of OnwardMobility and that we will no longer pursue the development of an ultra-secure smartphone with a physical keyboard”Onward Mobility said in February.


In essence, there’s very little chance of new BlackBerry smartphones coming out any time soon. Moreover, the Canadian company resold its non-essential patents, including those related to mobile telephony.

Unihertz: a new smartphone that could console BlackBerry fans?

In any case, if you are looking for a smartphone that would be similar to those offered by BlackBerry, the Unihertz brand has thought of you. This brand is not very well known, but as noted by the Android Authority site, Unihertz has always distinguished itself by launching atypical Android models.


On its Twitter account, the brand posted a teaser evoking the imminent arrival of a new smartphone with a fairly large screen and a physical keyboard reminiscent of BlackBerry devices. Moreover, the form factor of this smartphone is reminiscent of that of the BlackBerry Key 2, a BlackBerry device launched by TCL in 2018.

In any case, if this device manages to reproduce the experience we had on BlackBerry smartphones with a physical keyboard, Unihertz could make a lot of people happy who were waiting for the new BlackBerry that Onward Mobility was to launch. As a reminder, this project to relaunch the BlackBerry brand was announced in 2020. And the cancellation was announced in 2022.

Unfortunately, the Unihertz teaser does not provide more details regarding this smartphone. However, in another tweet, on which we have a clearer image of the design and the physical keyboard, the brand announces a crowdfunding campaign that will soon be launched on the Kickstarter platform. The name of the smartphone: Unihertz Titan Slim.


Note that if you want a smartphone with a physical keyboard, Unihertz also offers thinner and more robust models, such as the Titan or the Titan Pocket.

The Titan is a waterproof device (IP 67), with a QWERTY keyboard, a huge 6,000 mAh battery, and a price of 339.99 dollars on the brand’s website. In essence, it is a device designed for a niche (eg technicians working on a construction site). The Titan Slim, on the other hand, should be suitable for a wider audience.


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