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“I thought only I could do it”: Steven Spielberg has already seen ‘Indiana Jones 5’ and adores it

The development of the fifth Indiana Jones It lasted so long, and underwent so many changes of course, that finally Steven Spielberg He decided that he preferred to limit himself to acting as a producer. Thus Indiana Jones and the dial of fate became the first installment of the archaeologist not directed by Spielberg, returning to it usual suspects such as Harrison Ford either john williams. Spielberg produces it together with the usual George Lucashaving chosen James Mangold as successor.

Mangold’s resume was excellent. Walking the tightrope, Le Mans ’66 either Logan They endorsed his prestige, and Mangold accepted the unenviable assignment of replacing Spielberg. the dial of fate will be screened soon cannes film festival having the global premiere scheduled for the June 30th, but Spielberg has already been able to see it. This was recounted by the veteran filmmaker, who recently competed at the Oscars with his autobiographical film The Fabelmansin media such as Variety.

“I had that experience two nights ago. Bob Iger made a projection for several disney executives and I went with James Mangold”, says Spielberg, referring to the CEO of the House of Mouse. The director then assures that Mangold has saved the ballot, and he has done it with honors. “Everyone loved it. It’s really a good movie Indiana Jones. I’m very proud what Jim has done with it.”

Spielberg was even surprised that it turned out so well, considering that he wasn’t directing. “When the lights came on I said ‘damn! I thought I was the only one who knew how to make one of these’he joked. the dial of fate It therefore already has the blessing of the filmmaker who started it all, with hopes that it will straighten out the bad taste in the mouth left between the fandom with The kingdom of the crystal skull.

In the dial of fate Indy will be accompanied by his goddaughter, who embodies Phoebe Waller Bridge. Comes back John Rhys Davies like Sallah, and the villains are again the Nazis (here led by Mads Mikkelsen), as part of a new adventure against the backdrop of the arrival of man on the moon.

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