“I stay here missing you”: Carlos Rivera dedicated an emotional message to his father who just passed away

Carlos Rivera assured that he will never stop loving his father, who was also his number one fan and pimp of madness (Photo: Instagram/Carlos Rivera)

A few days after the sensitive death of his father, Charles Rivera He made a post on his social networks to share his feelings and dedicate a few last words who was it his friend, pimp of his madness and number one fan.

He pointed out in his emotional message that despite the fact that death is the only sure destiny of all, you are never ready to lose someone you love, like your father, Jose Gonzalo Gilberto Riverawho said, he was never afraid of anythingexcept for his Parkinson’s diagnosis which gradually prevented him from moving fluently.


You are never prepared to fire a fatherAt least I wasn’t, I’m not. How to let go of my best friend?, my number one fan, the best pimp of all my craziness, my strong man who was not afraid of anything or anyone and that the only thing that made him tremble was the damn parkinson when he showed up,” he said.

The successful ex-academician assured that your consolation It is to think that his father was already able to meet with other people who came forward and that he was surely well received by all of them, as well as by God and the Virgin.

(photo: Instagram/Carlos Rivera)
(photo: Instagram/Carlos Rivera)

“But I want to think that today you are once again that brave person who is not afraid of anything to enter the jungle of paradise, to drive through the infinite highways of heaven and that you will not tremble for anything because you have already healed from everything and you have seen the face of God and of the Virgin Mary”.

“You will be able to hug my grandmother and my grandfather and all the people you loved and who came forward and who will surely be doing a big party to welcome you”, he added to the message.

Carlos Rivera assured that in the meantime he will continue to miss him for the rest of his life, and that later he will be able to meet him again to do the things they used to do together.

I stay here missing you until my last breathuntil that day when I see you again to hug you and hear your voice saying ‘my boy’, until that day this heart that has been broken into a thousand pieces will be whole again, until that day I will be the same again”.

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He assured that he will always miss his father and that will never stop loving him. Finally, she thanked all the people who have taken a moment to write to him and show him good wishes for everything he is going through.

He was pleased”from the bottom of my soul” for the prayers and messages of love and respect that have not stopped reaching him at this difficult time in his life.

As expected, the publication where he appears with his father in a black and white photograph soon received hundreds of positive messages and I like it who continued to show support for the singer and actor.

It should be remembered that it was this past Saturday August 27 when it was announced that José Gonzalo Gilberto Rivera died after a heart attack. Although he was assisted by medical personnel, he perished.

In an official statement given by Salvador Santos, municipal president of Huamantla, through the City Council, the unfortunate news was confirmed. “I am very sorry about sensitive death of Mr. José Gonzalo Gilberto Rivera, father of our countryman Carlos Rivera”.

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