“I have not taken courses”: Lorena Herrera spoke about her culinary talent prior to the premiere of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico

The famous said that it is quite a challenge for her (Photo: IG masterchefmx)

One day before the new season of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico, some of the contestants have started talking about what they expect from this famous eating contest. Such is the case of Lorraine Herrera, who decided to leave her work as an actress for a while to meddle in the culinary world and fight for first place.

It was during an interview with Come the Weekend Joy, where the famous that has participated in soap operas What Lola once upon a time, Girls and Niña de mi corazón pointed out that from the moment they found out about the first edition of the project The desire to compete arose in her.

“I died before the first season, you know what was rumored and I said: ‘I want to be there’”, he sentenced.

However, Lorena pointed out that -although she usually receives compliments for the dishes she makes on a daily basis- she has never had a professional preparation in the field.

“The truth is that many people tell me: ‘oh, you cook very well’, let’s see let’s go by parts, I love to cook. I cook what I eat, what my husband eats, but I never see recipes, I have not taken cooking classes, I do not serve any chef, I don’t see what they prepare, I prepare what comes to my mind, so what I prepare at home I invent, “he said.

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The important thing about cooking is that you like it and have a good seasoning and although I don’t cook pork or beef, obviously they’re going to ask us and I’m going to prepare it.

Regarding his favorite foods, Herrera mentioned that, despite there being certain types of meat that he does not eat, something that he likes is viscera.

“I love liver, but I never make it. I try to combine this, give the palate a treat, but give the body a taste from health. May the food be healthy and rich, ”she said before the cameras of the morning of Aztec TV.

He also stressed that one of the great challenges that he will face during the contest will be to see if he really has talent in the kitchen or not.

Lorena Herrera is excited about her participation (Photo: Instagram @lorenaherrera)
Lorena Herrera is excited about her participation (Photo: Instagram @lorenaherrera)

“The joke is that other people (who like the way I cook) tell me that they are not my husband, that he is not my partner or see the harsh reality and tell you: ‘hey, well, your husband has bad taste.’ One very different thing is that you like to cook, that you know how to cook yourself and another thing to be under time, under pressure”, he explained.

Which celebrities will be in the second season of MasterChef Celebrity

Next Sunday, August 21 at 8:00 p.m. via Aztec One It will be the moment in which great figures of the national artistic circle will enter the famous kitchen to try to earn the title of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico.

Francisco Gattorno, Lorena Herrera, Ernesto D’ALessio, Julio Camejo, Veronica del Castillo, Pedro Moreno, Alejandra Toussaint Y Karla Sofia Gascon will be the actors who will participate in this season.

After its successful presentation in The Academy 20 years next to Yahir, nadia will be part of Master Chef Celebrity beside Wing Ibarra -former member of magnet-, Marcelo Lara -member of moderate– Y Alejandra Avalos. Talina Fernández, Mauricio Mancera and Margarita the goddess of cumbia will also be there.


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