HYPEX teases that Fortnite to receive No-build mode

The building system in Fortnite makes the dynamics of the Battle Royale special, although there are those who hate so many ramps when playing a game. Despite the criticism, the popularity of Fortnite continues, although it is rumored that it will give pleasure to those who hate building in the middle of a firefight.

The leaker HYPEX, known for his accurate leaks on Fortnite, the guys at Epic Games would be developing a game mode without construction, thus inviting players to survive with everything they have within reach both when attacking and defending.


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It is not known whether the no-build mode of Fortnite will be available for more than two players. HYPEX has only published an image where the supposed no-build mode can be played in Duos mode. Maybe it’s just a test mode and Fortnite is preparing something special for everyone.

The no-build mode is an alternative for those who hate this uniqueness in a shooter game. Veterans are capable of creating fortifications that are impossible to destroy, so newbies have a lot to learn at the cost of action.

Hopefully, the no-build mode will hit all servers in no time, because like this Fortnite I’d have a second breather with Chapter 3 in tow and a way to balance the game.

FORTNITE | XP crash ban

It is important to understand that taking advantage of XP glitches is completely against community guidelines for Fortnite. However, the only reason the developer hasn’t banned anyone is that hundreds of thousands of players exploit them on a daily basis.

Banning such a massive part of the user base will naturally lead to complications and backlash. Therefore, Fortnite hasn’t banned players in bulk for using XP glitches so far.


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