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Hunters: understand the end of the 2nd season of the Prime Video series

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THE Season 2 finale of Hunters, Amazon Prime Video series, was full of twists and while it provided fans with new answers, it also left a series of unanswered questions that pave the way for an equally surprising new season. But, after all, did you understand what happened in the plot?

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Throughout the article, we will explain the season finale for you to remember all the details and prepare for the 3rd season. Without further ado, let’s go?

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What happened at the end of Hunters season 2?

In the new season, the team of Nazi hunters is once again reunited. This time, they go to Argentina to look for Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in the year 1979.

The season finale brought what can be considered the trial of the century in the world of historical fiction: after all, it is in this episode that Adolf Hitler is put before a judge because of his war crimes. Witnesses like Mindy and other holocaust survivors talk about their experiences in the concentration camps, and of course Hitler is found guilty.

However, Travis, Eva and other neo-Nazis come up with a plan for the general to escape prison and, fortunately, this plan is sabotaged by Jonah and the other hunters. So, Hitler is arrested and Millie is considered a hero for helping with his arrest.

Of course, the episode ends with a cliffhanger. After all, in the last few minutes, Harriet visits Jonah and tells him that Meyer was the one who ordered Ruth’s death. So he’s even more motivated to hunt down new Nazis.

(Source: Amazon/Disclosure)(Source: Amazon/Disclosure)Source: Amazon

  • Hunters: questions left unanswered (SPOILERS)

Therefore, even though he had announced his “retirement” as a hunter, it seems that revenge will be the great catalyst for the next episodes! So far, the 3rd season still does not have a premiere date confirmed by Amazon Prime Video.

So, what did you think of Season 2 of Hunters? To stay on top of everything that happens in the world of series, movies and anime, keep an eye on the portal. Likewise, take the opportunity to share the article on social networks!

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