Hungry Eyes 4: Rebirth – know all about the horror movie

It’s been 21 years since we’ve been able to meet our eyes for the first time. Hungry eyes. The horror film, which had the seal of Francis Ford Coppola as one of the executive producers, had record revenues on its release and guaranteed a trilogy, which now gets another episode: hungry eyes 4.

Entitled Hungry Eyes: Reborn, the production opened in North American theaters on September 19, and will run for just three days. the movie is a reboot which will be followed by two more, closing a second trilogy.

It’s been almost 23 years of the franchise’s existence – an emblematic number for those who paid attention to the film, as the plot monster attacks every 23 years, for 23 days.

Despite this, the film arrived earlier, so its villain could join so many other iconic killers of the genre in 2022: Leatherface, Pinhead, Predator, Ghostface and Michael Myers.

What is the plot of Hungry Eyes 4?

Screen Media/Internet Playback.

For the franchise’s reboot, the venue chosen was an event for horror fans in Louisiana, USA – the Horror Hound festival, a macabre carnival populated by genre fanatics, a sword-eating skeleton, a maniacal clown, a fire and all kinds of freaks and geeks.

In it, the couple Chase (played by Imran Adams) and Laine (played by Sydney Craven) win a great prize: the chance to stay in a escape room with the theme Hungry eyes.

The problem is that the monster of the franchise is also there. Laine even experiences premonitions that alert her to the town’s past and its local legend, the villainous Creeper, making her feel as if she’s been there before.

See the trailer:

Despite being carried out by an independent team, hungry eyes 4 features special effects from Lifecast, known for its work on fantastic beasts, 007 – No Time to Die and morbius.

When Hungry Eyes: Reborn opens in Brazil?

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Directed by Timo Vuorensola, from the trilogy Iron SkyO reboot It still doesn’t have a premiere date in Brazil and it hasn’t even been confirmed on any streaming platform – with the initial three days of showing in North American theaters as the only launch strategy.

Many movies are released on demand 45 days after they hit theaters, which brings us to early November 2022, but Hungry Eyes: Reborn seems to have a different timeline, with the initial release so short.

Screen Media, the film’s distributor, told the website decide that, so far, only the short-run events of the film are confirmed.

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