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Hungary’s first Apple Premium Partner store has opened

Hungary's first Apple Premium Partner store has opened

Hungary’s first Apple Premium Partner store opened today, which was probably heard by everyone who visited the Árkád shopping center in Budapest for any reason, as the various opening promotions attracted an amazing amount of people, the line stretched across the entire building. András Horváth, who was invited to the press conference before the opening, spoke about this phenomenon close to his Apple world, and nostalgically recalled the premiere of the first iPad in New York, where he himself stood in line. Csaba Gyarmati, regional director of iSTYLE, spoke about the beginning of a new era in the life of the company, while praising the construction of the 125 square meter shop.


At first glance, less experienced eyes will not see a huge difference compared to the stores using the look of the Apple Premium Reseller program, since in truth they are also beautiful. You can of course find them by consciously looking for the differences, the Premium Partner store uses warmer colors and is even more friendly lit, the furniture uses a different design and is visibly new, and the most visible parts of the shelves contain Apple factory accessories, products from third-party manufacturers appear less prominently. Along with the new look, the number of glass display cases is minimal, virtually every box can be picked up and viewed without having to alert one of the salespeople working there.


The main point, however, is to be found in the services: instead of the usual five in other stores, the Árkád will have eight colleagues, so customers can expect faster service and more time for them. In the flagship store, customers are welcomed with continuous service services, iPhone display or battery replacement can be completed within a day. Corporate sales are also emphasized, and free workshops on Apple topics will also be held regularly.

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