Hulk vs Wolverine: who wins this battle of giants?

Are you a Marvel fan? So let’s get into a serious conversation about brutal clashes between the company’s heroes. In an incredible fight between the Hulk and Wolverine, who would win? Putting two of the company’s best healing factors – virtually immortal – in one rink, who would emerge victorious?

That’s the question we’re going to explore in today’s article. In addition, let’s analyze together their fights in comics and other media, their skills and so many other nerds. Follow with us!

Who would win a fight: Hulk or Wolverine?

It’s not the first time someone has thought about the outcome of a fight between the two superheroes. There are several confrontations between Hulk and Wolverine, including the first appearance of the Wolverine as a villain. See some examples:

  • Incredible Hulk #18 (Wolverine’s first appearance);
  • The New Incredible Hulk 97;
  • Ultimate Wolverine;
  • Old man Logan #8;
  • Hulk vs Wolverine (HQ);
  • Hulk vs Wolverine (animation).

That is, this tension between the two characters is nothing new, living in the imagination of artists and fans for a long time. We can say that the clash between the heroes is one of Marvel’s greatest rivalries. Therefore, how about getting to know a little more about the heroes and some fights to reach the verdict? Check it out:

Hulk the Emerald Giant

On the one hand we have just one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes in terms of physical strength. Hulk has virtually no vulnerabilities. Bruce Banner is a formidable scientist who has been exposed to a deadly level of gamma rays, transforming him into a green beast when angered.

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While transformed into the Hulk, he possesses superhuman strength, able to withstand planetary explosions and reduce enemies to dust with ease. In one of the clashes with Wolverine, in the Ultimate alternative universe, he was able to separate the X-Men’s body in two, breaking his Adamantium rib.

Wolverine the Wolverine

Like his rival, Wolverine has aggression, anger, violence and brutality to spare. James Howlett is a former soldier with a regeneration factor capable of returning you to life from a drop of blood and with adamantium claws – one of the most powerful metals in the entire Marvel Universe.

In “Old Man Logan”, the children of the Hulk murder the family of an older, jaded Wolverine. With all his rage and thirst for revenge, he kills all of the Hulk’s children and won’t stop until he finishes off the Emerald Giant – in this universe, he has an incestuous relationship with She-Hulk.

Thus, Wolverine is swallowed by the Hulk only to pass through the body of the Green Goliath, practically exploding the hero from the inside out with his claws.

After all, who would win between Hulk vs Wolverine?

In a fair fight, with no ultimate or alternate version of the heroes, just the two of them and their powers facing each other, who wins? This already happened once!

In “World War Hulk”, a series of events brings Hulk to the planet Sakaar to live a peaceful life alongside his wife. A self-destruct program on his ship causes it to explode, killing the young Caiera and the child that was in her belly. Enraged, Hulk returns to Earth with the goal of revenge, defeating most of the heroes.

One of the survivors is Wolverine. The brutal fight, which begins without major surprises, has a unbalancing factor in this story: Bruce Banner’s brain. The Hulk finds a way to “bypass” Wolverine’s regenerative factor.

He lands thousands of punches on the Wolverine’s head, creating multiple traumas. Despite the hero’s physical body and adamantium skull being regenerated each time he was injured, the countless number of concussions ended up incapacitating Wolverine. Victory for Hulk!

Entering the field of alternative comics, but with the original heroes, we have “What If Wolverine Had Killed the Hulk? Here, Wolverine was able to find a weakness in Hulk, slitting his throat and killing the rival.

Victory for Weapon X and a tie in the game, except for one detail: the “what if” received a new chapter. This time, despite looking defeated, Hulk gets up, grabs Wolverine’s head and breaks his adamantium neck, killing him without a chance.

If we only analyze these three battles with the two heroes in original versions (even if in two alternative stories of the original), the victory goes to Hulk by 2×1. But would it be like that?

Now it’s your turn. Create your own theories, put the heroes’ powers and other details we’ve discussed here into play and decide. Between Hulk vs Wolverine: who wins this battle of giants? Tell us on our social media!

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