Hugh Jackman returns to the gym: his training for Wolverine in ‘Deadpool 3’

The storm has subsided in Hollywood. With the strikes of scriptwriters and actors already in the past, the industry is reactivating little by little with the aim of resuming all pending projects and recovering a certain normality. One of the titles that had remained frozen was Deadpool 3, the long-awaited continuation of the adventures of the cheeky superhero he embodies Ryan Reynolds.

This new installment will be integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but will maintain its adult focus. In addition, it will have the presence of Hugh Jackman who plays again Wolverine from logan (2017). We will see the iconic mutant with claws again, although this time in pure comics style, that is, with his yellow and blue suit.

We are used to seeing the Australian actor bring the normally shirtless superhero to life, showing off his muscles. Although she is now going to wear flashy tights like most of her colleagues, this does not mean that she should not maintain her shape. He knows it and He is already preparing for it.

Hugh Jackman shared on his account instagram a video of his training to be Wolverine again. The interpreter appeared in his gym lifting weights. We don’t know how many kilos exactly, but It is evident that they are not few. The publication was accompanied by the song Thunderstruck of AC DC, A good choice to warm up and exercise your muscles.

The filming of Deadpool 3 had started several months ago, which is why we were able to see some images of the Australian with Ryan Reynolds both with their superhero costumes. However, the strike paralyzed everything. Now that Hollywood is back in full swing, Hugh Jackman has proven that There is no time to lose.

The new reality in the MCU

The announcement that Hugh Jackman would participate in Deadpool 3 It confused many fans around the world. Wolverine died in logan, the 2017 film directed by James Mangold. How is it possible that he appears in a new feature film now? The actor himself was in charge of explaining it with Ryan Reynolds, although they did it their own way.

logan takes place in 2029. It is a totally marginal thing. Logan died in logan, “We’re not going to touch any of that,” Reynolds explained in the video. Immediately afterwards, when both begin to explain the plot of the next film, it begins to play. Wake me up before you go of Wham! while the actors gesture and act out seemingly epic duels.

In short, they didn’t explain anything but they gave a touch of comedy to the whole thing. Even so, this return of Wolverine can be explained by his entry alongside Deadpool into the MCU and everything that entails. Although we saw Logan die, the character may be alive in another reality, specifically the main one in which the main narrative takes place. MarvelStudios. We will have to wait to see the participation of the clawed mutant and if this will be the only one.

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