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Huawei’s watch ear has arrived in Europe

Huawei's watch ear has arrived in Europe

After the start in China, the Huawei Watch Buds were also introduced in Europe, the name of which describes its essence perfectly: a flashy smart watch that can be strapped to the arm and a TWS earbud that can be inserted into the ear by opening the cover. The stainless steel case of the 47 x 47.5 x 14.99 mm Watch Buds hides (and charges) one 21.8 x 10.3 x 10.3 mm speaker with three types of rubber bells in the package.


The watch comes with a 22mm black or brown leather strap without It weighs 66.5 grams (but who’s going to use it like that?), and the TWS earbuds weigh 4 grams per piece. With this, Watch Buds is definitely a men’s watch, which of course does not mean that it cannot be worn on a woman’s wrist with its 466-pixel, 1.43″ diameter AMOLED panel and single, non-twistable button.

The collector's edition of the Watch GT 3 Pro is black.
The collector’s edition of the Watch GT 3 Pro is black. [+]

It is important to note that only the earpiece received IP54 protection, while the device is dust and drop resistant, but it should not be submerged, so swimming and showering are excluded. It has a six-axis accelerometer/gyroscope, an optical pulse oximeter, a hall sensor, GPS and Bluetooth, and the watch can be charged wirelessly, probably using the Qi standard. The watch part does not have a microphone or speaker, because there is the earpiece itself for voice calls and listening to music, which also provides some noise filtering with VACC bone conduction technology.


Of course, the Huawei operating system, notification management, Health activity tracking system and iOS and Android compatibility are a given. Huawei promises three days of watch use, four hours of music playback and 2.5 hours of voice calls without noise filtering – the latter two values ​​drop to 3 and 2 hours when switched on. Watch Buds opens at a price of 500 euros (192,000 forints), which is very expensive, of which the manufacturer allows 30 euros for pre-orders until the end of February. Sales start on March 1 in the first European markets.

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