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Huawei may also be banned from 4G

Huawei may also be banned from 4G

Huawei applied for first place in the mobile market, but within a few years it fell out of the top 5 in smartphone sales, but its network business was also affected by the series of strict sanctions decisions of the previous US administration, which Joe Biden will continue to tighten under his presidency. As a lot of technologies, patents and solutions use American technology, the United States successfully banned the Chinese company from using 5G (and other self-designed, American technology) chips citing national security reasons, but it also cannot access Google Play services, for example global company.

(source: Reuters) [+]

This was clearly the strictest decision in the Sino-American economic competition Donald Trump under his presidency, the aim of which is to prevent the People’s Republic from being able to develop its own tech sector (and its national security hardware park) by using hardware that benefits from Western-type manufacturing technologies and solutions. Among other things, the United States prevented the transfer of these technologies by revoking the commercial licenses issued to Huawei to companies belonging to domestic and Western interests, although Huawei laptops can for the time being use Windows operating systems and Intel / AMD processors, while Qualcomm has so far been able to supply 4G chips, or 5G hardware, just without a 5G modem.

The Mate 50 Pro did not receive a 5G modem, but it did receive 4G and WiFi 6E [+]

Now, however, even stricter decisions may follow: according to Reuters, the Biden administration has banned the issuance of additional commercial licenses to Huawei, and this already affects 4G and WiFi 6/7 modems, as well as artificial intelligence, cloud services and high-performance data processing. related hardware. The Chinese manufacturer’s existing product lines could also be in big trouble if they fall due to this, but the chips and modems already in stock and still on the way can be expected to be used for a while. Meanwhile, more and more Chinese players are developing on the hardware front, and the People’s Republic’s ultimate goal is obviously to take up the gauntlet in the technological competition from its own well, although they are at a serious disadvantage from the production side, especially at lower bandwidths. In the meantime, tensions are growing around Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China), which alone is responsible for a significant part of the advanced chip production (belonging to the Western sphere of interest), and other mainland Chinese brands may also be sanctioned in parallel.

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