Huawei is suing Amazon in China

Filed a lawsuit against Huawei in China for patent infringement. The defendants in the lawsuit are Amazon and Compal Electronics, the manufacturer of e-ink displays, and several of the latter’s subsidiaries. For the time being, it is not public what kind of patents Huawei filed its lawsuit against in the Suzhou court in the province of Jiangsu, but it is believed to be about one that also affects Amazon Kindle readers. The first hearings are scheduled to begin on December 8. Huawei is a leader in its home country and in Europe with its licensed patents.


Amazon recently announced that it will stop selling the Kindle in China in the first half of 2023. Huawei’s e-ink display tablet MatePad Paper running Harmony OS 2.0 was launched in February in the Asian country, the company reportedly sold more than 110,000 of it, surpassing sales of Amazon’s e-reader in China in two months.

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