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HTC is back, a new flagship android phone would be announced in April

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Although it ceded part of its business to Google, HTC has not completely exited the smartphone market. However, it is clear that over the past three years, the Taiwanese brand has been quite discreet, as far as mobiles are concerned.

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HTC’s latest flagship was launched in 2018

HTC’s latest premium smartphone was the Exodus 1 model, launched in December 2018, which was touted as a device designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This model was a modified version of the HTC U12+, a premium smartphone that HTC also released in 2018.

In the meantime, the brand has launched a few models. But these were mid-range devices, like the Desire 21 Pro 5G released in January 2021. And these devices mainly targeted HTC’s home market of Taiwan.


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HTC: a kind of comeback in 2022?

The good news for HTC fans is that the Taiwanese company has a new flagship in the works. In an article published recently, our colleagues from XDA relayed an article from the Asian media DigiTimes.

At Mobile World Congress, during an event organized by HTC, the manufacturer reportedly told DigiTimes that it plans to launch a new high-end smartphone this April. Unfortunately, we don’t have any info on the technical sheet, but normally, this flagship should have characteristics comparable to those of the latest high-end Android devices, such as the Galaxy S22, or the Oppo Find X5 Pro.

After the crypto smartphone, a smartphone for the “metaverse”?

And apparently, HTC is planning something to make its next high-end smartphone stand out from other manufacturers’ devices: the device would integrate a number of features related to the “metaverse”.

Unfortunately, there too, we don’t have any details yet. And given that it is sometimes difficult to have a good definition of what the metaverse is, we can expect anything.

But HTC could, for example, integrate virtual reality or augmented reality functionalities into its smartphone, in order to allow users to interact with other people in a virtual universe. This would be quite logical, since HTC is one of the pioneers of virtual reality, with its HTC Vive brand.

Moreover, it should be noted that in addition to virtual reality, HTC is also interested in augmented reality. And recently, the Taiwanese company presented Viveverse, a version of the metaverse on which it is working.


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In a video posted on YouTube, HTC gives us a glimpse of this virtual world, accessible in augmented reality and virtual reality, which combines AR, VR, artificial intelligence, 5G, crypto, as well as NFTs.

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