How to win the “Torre del Rey” jackpot with free diamonds in Free Fire

How to win the “Torre del Rey” jackpot with free diamonds in Free Fire

It’s time to spend some diamonds in  Free Fire to get exclusive material. In addition to the draws available in the Luck Royale, where you can get weapon skins and cosmetic outfits, there is an event that you should give a try: King’s Tower. We explain the dynamics so you don’t miss the opportunity to get the best.

The King’s Tower offers an opportunity for players to free fire interested in the Old Man’s Mask and the Choco Power Pack. The dynamics of the event is as follows:

  • Spin for prizes in the tower, which consists of five rows. The higher the rank, the better rewards you will get.
  • Get a discount per row and win all the prizes in it.
  • Spin for the key to get the corresponding reward and unlock the next row.

About the price in diamonds, each spin is 10 and a row is 40 (after the 20% discount).

Please note that the cosmetic items you can get in this giveaway will not help you win matches, as they have no effect on attacks or combat items.

FREE FIRE | King’s Tower Rewards

The tower has five keys and each one offers an exclusive reward.

Tier 5 – Choco Power Pack

Level 4 – Old Man’s Mask

Level 3 – Booyah Balloon Emote!

Tier 2 – Vampirez Loot Box

Level 1 – Room Card

Keep in mind that you can participate until May 25.

The best apps to get diamonds in Free Fire

Poll Pay: It is a GPT application available and widely used by most of the players. Users are expected to perform various surveys and tasks after having the app on their devices.

SB Answer – Surveys that Pay: It is a version of the popular Swagbucks website. Users must complete tasks and then exchange the accumulated points for various gift cards. Exchange options may vary depending on the user’s country.

Google Opinion Rewards: This is the most ideal option for those who want to earn free diamonds. The app gives Google Play credits after completing recommended surveys. Players can complete as many tasks as possible and use the credits to buy a diamond in Free Fire Max. Users can also purchase weekly memberships and save them, which will provide better value than a regular recharge.

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