How to watch TikTok on a vertical TV

TVs already have the option to rotate on their own axis to view content from TikTok and other social networks
TVs already have the option to rotate on their own axis to view content from TikTok and other social networks

Vertical videos are more fashionable than ever because of social networks and it seems that technology companies are looking to join this trend, for example, Samsung has created a Vertical TV designed to view all kinds of content perpendicularly on the big screen, especially TikTok posts.

However, a television that is longer than it is wide is not something that all family members will like, since the typical streaming content such as Netflix continues to use a horizontal format and it does not seem that this will change, with the exception of the social media, that’s why this television can turn on its axis with just one command to return to being an ordinary screen.

According to the brand, this idea of ​​creating a screen where vertical videos can be seen at a much larger size than on a cell phone was driven by the consumption behavior of the Millennial and Centennial generation, however, browsing social networks is not an activity only for people with these age ranges, but older adults could find support by having the possibility of seeing in a much larger size the content they see on the internet.

Steps to watch TikTok on a vertical TV

1. Download the application, so first of all you will have to Check that the appliance is connected to a secure Wi-Fi network.

2. Now, you must enter the app store installed on the TVthis is located at the top just below the banner that can be seen on the home screen.

3. In the search bar, proceed to type the name of the application, that is “TikTok”. When it appears in the results, it is selected and click download.

4. Login and start browsing the platform. It is worth mentioning that to indicate orders to the social network as if it were a finger on the screen of a cell phone, you have to use the remote exactly the menu buttons located at the top.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the way in which the different electronics companies have made televisions part of the “Internet of Things” allowing to consume content found on the network, this for a few years.