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How to view high-resolution photos in iCloud

How to view high-resolution photos in iCloud
iCloud Photos app

device users Manzana have the option of storing Photographs in iCloud, however, the resolution of the files may be affected to prevent storage from taking up quickly. Therefore, there are options to access the best resolution.

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In principle, the users should change the Optimization option storage for Download original photographs, even if this means that space on the device must be used.

Another of the options available to manage the space between both platforms requires the use of another function within the devices. Mac from Manzana. In case you want to see a File, Archive specific in high resolution, users can click on the edit button in iCloudwhich will allow a temporary download of the picture.

Once this is done, all you have to do is exit the editable version and the File, Archive with the quality and original resolution will be kept in the device for a few minutes.

To distinguish between files that are in low resolution and those that have been stored in high resolution, it will only be necessary to apply the tool zoom in the pictures. Those that are not good will appear pixelated, while the best ones will not change their quality when zooming in. Photography.

On the other hand, it is important that users know the two options offered by the Photos of iCloud to save the files: downloading original files and storage optimization.

Download original photos to iCloud

This feature allows users to upload their photos to the cloud from iCloud as a backup, but does not delete the content original located in the internal storage of the devicewhich does not solve the initial problem of the lack of storage that motivates the use of the cloud in the first place.

iCloud documents will soon be viewable in Windows 11. (photo: CellPhoneS)
iCloud documents will soon be viewable in Windows 11. (photo: CellPhoneS)

As a positive aspect, with this option it is possible to access the display of the records stored without the need for a connection to a network Wifi constantly. That is why a second option within the storage from iCloud allows another form of use of the available space in the platform.

Optimizing storage in iCloud Photos

With this feature, users can upload their Photographsalthough the original files are removed from the storage internal of the device to save the space. However, it also prevents its viewing from being possible without the need for an Internet connection. Internet.

Even though you can have a preview of the images inside of platformusers will not have the possibility to access the version in high resolution unless it is downloaded, which requires the use of the storage of device.

Resolution settings in iCloud Photos.  (9to5mac)
Resolution settings in iCloud Photos. (9to5mac)

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