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How to view and edit Apple Notes from a Windows PC

Apple Notes

There are users who have devices Manzana that are linked to iCloud to view or transport Apple notes and files without the need to use a USB, send them by e-mail or apply any other resource. However, they may have problems or complications seeing them when they have to use a PC.

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For those of you who need to review some of your Apple Notes files on a computer, you can access them from Windows by following a few simple steps.

Normally with the iCloud account the data between Apple devices would be synchronized. So the key is access iCloud from PC to be able to access them. The following must be done:

– From the PC search in the browser iCloud.com and enter the site.

– Once inside you must log in Apple ID.

– If requested, you must enter a six-digit code that will appear on the iPhone.


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Once you have access to the account you can touch the Notes section to see the resources and be able to edit or add them new. Despite working from a PC, all changes will automatically appear on the user’s other Apple devices.

Manage Apple passwords from Windows

Since August of last year, iCloud allows users of computers with a Windows operating system to use its password managerso that it is now possible to save, update or delete them.

Apple tool feature is part of the new app iCloud Passwordswhich has been released to users as part of the 12.5 update to the core iCloud app for Windows, as Apple’s documentation reports.

The password manager iCloud Passwords allows Windows users to sign in to their accountsso that it is possible to consult and use the account information.

Other functions are to add new accounts to access them from Apple devices that also have the password keychain activatedas well as the ability to update usernames and passwords or delete accounts.

Apple users can request transfer of their photos to Google Photos

A year ago, the Cupertino company automated the process of transfer photos and videos stored in iCloud to Google Photos with a new service that can be requested by the user and that takes between three and seven days to complete.

Apple ID users from Australia, Canada, the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States can request the transfer of files saved to iCloud Photos to Google Photos. This new service prevent manual downloading of photos and videos from iCloud for later transfer to another service.

It also requires the user to start their Apple ID account in the Data and privacy section. This transfer process does not delete or modify files saved in iCloud Photossince it only sends a copy to Google Photos, where the user must have enough space.


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The company explains on its website that the transfer takes between three and seven days to complete, and that the user will receive an e-mail notification of both the request and once it has been made.

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